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UPDF Soldiers to be Arrested for Attacking Journalists

The UPDF Chief of Defence Forces, Gen. David Muhoozi has issued orders demanding the arrest and punishment of soldiers who mistreated journalists during the Free Bobi Wine demonstrations in Kampala yesterday.

UPDF soldiers were caught on video yesterday carrying out brutal attacks on journalists and civilians a like during the riots that happened across Kampala.

Reuters photojournalist James Akena and NTV’s Juma Kirya alongside Ronald Galiwango and Observer’s Alfred Ochwo among others were mistreated and badly beaten by UPDF soldiers.

In a statement released by UPDF spokesperson Brigadier Richard Karemire, the army regrets the brutality and apologises to the affected journalists.

However, Human rights lawyer Nicholas Opiyo rejected the statement from the UPDF, insisting the army should also release the soldier’s names, so they can be personally held to account.

”For this to make sense, we demand the names of the soldiers involved, their rank and names of the commanding officers. We want to bring criminal charges against them in their own individual capacities. We also want a one Kiwanuka who was involved in the Pacific Hotel incident in Arua” He posted on his twitter account.

Watch video showing UPDF soldiers beating Reuters journalist James Akena during the free Bobi Wine protests.

This is not the first time the UPDF have been implicated in civilian brutality. In 2015, Monitor Uganda did a story on police and army brutality that left over 56 residents in Apaa Trading Centre, Paboo Sub-county with serious injuries as they attempted to evict locals from a contested piece of land.
We are not sure whether the soldiers responsible will be brought to justice as it has been noted in the past that many such cases go unpunished.
UPDF Soldiers to be Arrested for Attacking Journalists 1

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