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Uber Is Working On An Electric Car

Ride-hailing app Uber is reported to be working on an electric car to help boost its business and at the same time adopt low-cost taxi and delivery operations.

Reports point to Uber working with an unnamed automaker to create low-cost electric cars adapted for deliveries plus its popular taxi operations. The top speed of Uber cars will be lower than that of usual cars to offer a more comfortable driving experience. The company also wants to make seats for passengers that allow them to face each other.

Uber is also reported to be considering two- and three-wheelers with trunks for delivery. However, the head of Uber declined to name partners with whom they are working on the project.

In May 2021, Arrival and Uber announced a joint EV development program with production planned to start at the end of 2023. But in the summer of 2022, Arrival announced that it was restructuring and cutting costs by 30% which was a sign that the joint project could end up being stalled.

Later on, in November, Arrival announced that it would not be able to generate revenue until 2024 and was warned by Nasdaq of a possible delisting due to a stock price drop to less than $1 apiece. With things looking grim for the company, we are not sure whether they are still working with Uber on their electric car project.

Right now, we can only wait to hear from Uber who their partners are on the project once it finally gets off the ground. At the moment, the company is offering Uber Electric, a service geared towards achieving a zero-emission platform in US and Canadian cities as well as in major global cities where it can ensure a fair transition for drivers by 2030.

Source: TITVN

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