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Tanzania and Somalia Record 1 st Coronavirus Cases

Tanzania and Somalia have become the latest countries on the African continent to register Coronavirus cases as the virus continues to sweep across the different continents.

The Ministry of Health made a glaring announcement today after tests were carried out that confirmed that the suspected case was positive with the virus.

The patient who is a 46 year old lady who was making her return back to Tanzania from Belgium was aboard the Rwandair plane that landed at Kilimanjaro International Airport. According to information gathered though, the thermo scanner did not detect any high temperatures on her during the check at the airport.

Tanzania Becomes Latest African Country to Confirm Coronavirus

The Patient is said to have left Tanzania on 3rd of March for Belgium and while there, she visited Sweden and Germany which has recorded a good number of Coronavirus cases. She then went back to Belgium where she set off to return to Tanzania.

Upon her return to Tanzania, she went on self quarantine as tests were being carried out. Seeing as the results showed that she was positive with the virus, she has now been transferred to Mount Meru Hospital where she is being quarantined and medics say that her situation is now being managed.

Tanzania and Somalia Record First Coronavirus Cases - Newslibre
As like many countries across Africa, Tanzania and its airports are putting strong check points to limit entry of Coronavirus (Image Credit: Reuters)

Somalia who are also at the Horn of Africa, today registered their first case of the virus which now seems to be fast sweeping through the continent of Africa. Somalia joins countries like Rwanda, Kenya, Congo, Liberia who have announced that they have coronavirus cases.

One common denominator of the cases so far is that they are all of people who are returning from visiting countries that have high number of coronavirus cases.

In a bid to contain the situation, President Uhuru Kenyatta and the Kenyan government have banned all public gatherings and have asked for the closure of all schools and Universities.

Tanzania requested that all sporting events limit the handshake before and after the game. But one wonders as that move will help seeing as football is naturally a contact sport.

Uganda continues to maintain the ban certain countries traveling into the East African nation as they aim to limit the chances of the virus entering into the nation.

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Tanzania and Somalia Record 1 st Coronavirus Cases 1

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