Sudan President Hassan Omar al-Bashir has Stepped Down 1

Sudan President Hassan Omar al-Bashir has Stepped Down

Celebrations  have rocked Sudan after their longest president Omar al-Bashir stepped down as the leader of the republic of Sudan earlier today.

After several attempts to oust the president of Sudan, the Citizens finally get to rejoice after dictator and ruler President Bashir accepted to step aside as citizens and the army cornered him off.

The military says that it has seized power from president Bashir who had been leader since 1993 making it over 33 years of ruling the North African country.

The people of Sudan had been protesting for the longest time and wanted change but everything was not working out for them. However, following intensive weeks and months of protests, they finally get their wish.

Protests date back as far as 2011, 2012 and 2013 as the Sudanese were doing everything in their power to have a change of guard amidst rising costs of living in the country.

The protests were being led by many however, there was a strong and vibrant group of women that marched and protested every other day. They said that no amount of torture or violence was going to stop them from trying to achieve the freedom that they believe that they as a nation deserve.

Sudan President Hassan Omar al-Bashir has Stepped Down 2
This lady has become the icon of the Sudanese protests that have led to overthrow of Bashir


It is believed that the last draw for some of the citizens was the sudden increase in basic food necessities like bread, rice among others that forced protesters to march onto the streets.

In December of 2018, the protesters became rather serious with their intentions of protesting the way that they were being ruled and an economy that was harsh. In Sudan, the economic gap is so big that those are wealthy are really wealthy while those that are poor can barely meet all their needs.

Sudan President Hassan Omar al-Bashir has Stepped Down 3
Millions of Sudanese have been seen celebrating across Khartoum the capital city alongside the army that joined them to overthrow the regime.

From February till today morning the protests were more intense and it was till Tuesday when the army joined the masses that they have been able to over throw the long term serving president. The army surrounded the palace of president Bashir and he was forced to resign.

President Bashir now joins a host of other presidents who were overthrown like Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Gaddafi of Libya among others.

The army arrested some of the key political figures in the government and among them were the Vice President, head of the Republican Guard and former Defense Minister Abdel Rahim Mohammed Hussein and many others.

A transitional council headed by defense minister Ahmed Awad Ibn Auf has been formed. This will act as the interim government until elections are held and power handed over to the rightful chosen leader.

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