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Protests Against Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Persist

Heavy protests in Iran against the state entered their fourth day on Wednesday, 28th June, 2018 calling for the death of their 78-year-old Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Tehran’s Grand Bazaar. Ayatollah has been assumed dead several times even when he battled cancer, but he always pops back somehow.

This came after the Iranian Rial fell at an all-time low of 90,000 Rial against the US Dollar. More than 40% of the population have no jobs and hustle to make ends meet yet what angers them most is that their government spends billions of dollars supporting “terrorist groups”.

The Khamenei regime has been accused of supporting Houthi rebels in Yemen, Basha Al-Assad in Syria, the Shiite rebels in Iraq, the Palestinian terror groups in Hamas and Hezbollah in Lebanon. The Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif has however gone on to refute any insurgency rising up in the country, claiming that they’re all one in “one ship”.

Protests Against Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Persist - Newslibre
Heavy protests in Iran against the state entered their fourth day on Wednesday, 28th June, 2018 calling for the death of their 78-year-old Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Tehran’s Grand Bazaar. (Image credit: The National)

He went on to accuse foreign media agencies like Reuters for spreading false news about the Iranian economy and our sources deep within Iran who have lived under the regime told us first hand that he is telling the truth, Iran is calm and stable.

Iran has been in a lot of media of late especially because of its deep involvement in Syria by arming and backing Assad’s government, its continued military exchanges, threats and bombardment with Israel, its defiance to pull out of Syria, the collapse of its nuclear agreement it was working on with Obama after Donald Trump took over office and bailed and its ever so many battles.

It seems it is spreading out thin and its people’s standard of living might be strained. The Secretary of State in the US, Mike Pompeo said that it should not surprise anyone that protests in Iran might continue since the people are demanding that their leaders share the country’s wealth and respond to their urgent basic needs.

Thinking that their will be a large-scale revolution and maybe a democratic solution or a huge armed revolt very soon in Iran is both a possibility as well as a far outreach. This is because Iran has a very tight covert and espionage network that is known for minimal failure.

When the crackdown gets harder, we don’t know how many will be willing to risk their lives. Then there is also the possibility of a full on armed revolution that could steer out of control and call for the intervention of Iran’s neighbours who have so eagerly been awaiting her downfall such as much of Western Europe, the USA and some Asian countries.

Such a scenario would probably force Russia, North and China to intervene on the side of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani just like they did with Assad in Syria. Not because they care, but because there is need to maintain the balance and prevent the western expansion into more Asian countries near them.

Russia has been actively improving its global image lately and increasing its geopolitical influence in a slow planned bid to reclaim the mantle of being the world’s super power as it did before the USSR collapsed at the end of the cold war leaving the USA as the most powerful nation.

Russian President Vladmir Putin has made several strategic state visits to countries around the globe especially Europe, hosted a number of influential events such as conferences, Olympics and the FIFA World Cup 2018 where their performance is exceptional and might be their best event yet.

He is also not shy to show off and stretch their military innovations and might. A world where East Asia and Europe rule is very near especially with the new profound bond between the two Koreas, but it will be sometime before most analysts and the world accept that the tides have shifted and the USA is strained.

Time will tell what the future holds, for now all eyes on the protests in Iran and the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia; it is like someone turned out the lights temporarily to whatever is happening in Syria and Yemen.

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