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Over 150,000 Coronavirus Recoveries Registered Worldwide

As the coronavirus continues to spread globally, affecting many families and lives, there is a glimmer of hope as patients of the virus globally continue to make recoveries.

As of today, there have been over 151,991 patients who have recovered from the virus that has claimed so many lives globally and medics are continuing to work hard to treat patients.

How have Countries Fared In Response to Coronavirus?

In Italy, where the virus has claimed so many lives, there has also been a very significant improvement where 97689 patients were registered over 13,030 have recovered while the death toll is at 10,779.

Italy continues to be one of the most hit nations by the pandemic but so far, the work by several doctors seems to be helping on curbing the serge.

Out of over 81,000 coronavirus cases, China reports that over 75,000 patients have also recovered and tested negative for the virus after they registered 3,304 deaths as a result of the virus.

Over 150,000 Coronavirus Recoveries Registered Worldwide - Newslibre
Patients of the Coronavirus celebrate after they were declared negative of the pandemic. (Image Credit: Chinadaily)

The United States of America currently stands at a total of 142,537 cases of the virus with New York being the worst hit states in the country but it has registered 4,767 recoveries. The ratio may not look good but certainly, work is being done to save more lives.

South Africa with 1,280 cases has registered 31 recoveries so far and only 2 deaths. Kenya has a total of 42 cases, 1 recovery and 1 death while Rwanda stands at 7 confirmed cases, zero recoveries and deaths.

According to the Ministry of Health of Uganda, the country has a total of 33 confirmed cases, zero recoveries and deaths. However, President Museveni and the Minister of Health Dr. Jane Ruth Acheng insist that the patients are in good condition and making their way to full recovery.

Last week the World Health Organisation stated that Spain was to start testing a combination of drugs that would used to treat the symptoms of the Coronavirus. This is already well underway.

It has to be noted that at the moment, doctors are only treating symptoms of the virus as the search for both a cure and a vaccine continues on worldwide.

A round of applause for all the doctors and governments doing everything to ensure that lives are saved from the pandemic.

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