Misunderstanding Between Guard and Customer Leads to Death 1

Misunderstanding Between Guard and Customer Leads to Death

Yesterday afternoon, a young man only aged 25 Aine Arnold Mugisha was gunned down at Quality Supermarket in Naalya.

After the shooting, so many stories were flying around the place but after several hours passing by, information started trickling down about what exactly had happened that led to the murder of businessman Arnold Mugisha.

According to various reports that renown journalist Mujuni Raymond managed to get after interviewing over 13 witnesses, the whole incident came about when a trolly that the deceased’s friends had used to buy items from the supermarket was let to roll down which eventually hit a car.

Arnold is reported to have trained in a gym at the shopping village in the morning, after which he came down with two friends. They went sh

Misunderstanding Between Guard and Customer Leads to Death 2
Arnold who was one of the owners of Hickory bar and Restaurant in Kololo was shot.

opping, he went to the car.

When the two returned from shopping, they emptied a trolley and let it roll. The quality shopping village is built on a hill. The trolly scratched a Premio car. It left off a car alarm that attracted two guards who came to see what was happening.

A negotiation ensued. Witness accounts say the guards demanded the two and now with Mugisha out of the car, wait till the owner had returned. They waited 13 minutes and asked to settle the matter by providing both numbers and money to fix it. Guards declined this gesture from Aine and friends.

The three returned to the car. One got out and got cross with a guard, demanded he let them leave. Guard [Awaze Babu] declined. Arnold reversed the car, guard behind it was stepped on the leg and let out a scream.

His colleague, Angoria Moses, rushed to the armoury, picked an AK47 rifle. Fired at close range from passenger’s side onto the jaw of Arnold Mugisha bullet peered out from the neck. With Arnold hanging on to his life, his friends rushed him to Kampala International hospital in Ntinda but he died upon arrival given he had lost a lot of blood.

Misunderstanding Between Guard and Customer Leads to Death 3

Another 20 minutes scuffle ensued to disarm the guard. Boda riders at Quality stage disarmed him as he ran. He was mobbed. Currently nursing injuries at Mulago.

A case vide CRB 530/2019 has been filed at Kira Police. Bullet shells yet to be recovered. The gun used has been recovered.

The number of deaths by gunshots is increasing in Uganda and the question that many people are asking themselves is “What is the police and the state doing to combat this trait?”

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Misunderstanding Between Guard and Customer Leads to Death 4

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