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LeBron James Getting The Broom

LeBron James is on the verge of being swept by a very formidable Golden State Warriors side who have been able to win all the 3 games of the best of 7 series.

The Golden State Warriors won the game three in Cleveland by 110 points to the Cavaliers 102 points in a very intense game of basketball.

At the start of the game in Cleveland, many would have thought that the Cavaliers would make use of the home advantage and take game three to stand a chance of taking back the series.

LeBron James Getting The Broom | Newslibre
LeBron James has been phenomenal for the Cavs all season but it just doesn’t seem enough. (Image Credit: EPA )

LeBron James as always was the payer that the Cavaliers looked up to and he managed to keep them going but had stiff competition from his friend Kevin Durant.

LeBron James Getting The Broom | Newslibre
Kevin Durant rose high and above all night to ensure that the Warriors won game 3. (Image Credit: EPA )

Kevin Durant was the star player of the night scoring over 43 points for the Warriors in a game where Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry were both a no show.

Durant did everything to ensure that Golden State Warriors got the most needed win that they needed to close off the series as soon as possible.

LeBron James Getting The Broom | Newslibre
Green and Curry applauding Durant on his 3 pointer that sent the to 6 point lead. (Image Credit: Getty Images North America)

Stephen Curry, who usually averages 30 points only managed to score 11 points in Cleveland, Drammond Green who is not known for his scoring prowess managed only 10 points on the night with 13 rebounds.

LeBron James Getting The Broom | Newslibre
Star player Stephe  Curry was having a bad day in office during game 3. (Image Credit: Getty Images)

As things look, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers look to be on set to getting swept in the NBA finals by the Golden State Warriors.

Given the team that LeBron James is playing with, a sweep is what most people were expecting from the Golden State Warriors who have had a much better team with over 4 players being all star.

LeBron James Getting The Broom | Newslibre
LeBron James can’t believe what is happening to the Cavs. (Image Credit: TNS)

For Cleveland, this has to be the time that they get back to the drawing board and plan better for the next season.

For LeBron, this could be the time for him to start thinking about what other team he can join in the summer so that he can have a good support cast to challenge the Golden State Warriors.

The 33 year old can choose the option of dropping his 36.5 Million dollars contract in the summer and look at teams like Houston Rockets, Philadelphia Sixers among others so as to challenge a very strong Warriors side.

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