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Italy and Spain Finally Ease Down Lockdown

After what has been a traumatic last couple of weeks where many lives were lost and many infected by coronavirus, countries Spain and Italy that were the most hit are finally.

In Italy, the country has given green light for bars and restaurants to reopen with said places encouraged to exercise good hygiene and most importantly, social distance. Some restaurants have managed to put glass separators on their tables as a mechanism to protect the clients.

Spain and Italy Get into Phase 1 of Easing Lockdown

The country has also encouraged that there should be regular sanitizing of the places before new clients are allowed into the restaurants and bars.

Italy is currently only recording 147 deaths because of Coronavirus per day while Spain is now registering as low as 87. This is the lowest that each of the countries have had to registered since they registered deaths in thousands.

Italy and Spain Finally Ease Down Lockdown  - Newslibre
Like Spain, Italy is encouraging massive social distancing as the two countries look back to try and get back to normal. (Image Credit: Business Leader)

70% of Spain is now in phase one of the government’s planned three-phase lifting of the national lockdown which allows for minimal movement and gatherings of not more than 10 people.

Today, several provinces along the Mediterranean coast in Valencia, in the southern region of Andalusia, and in the country’s interior joined other areas which moved into phase one last week.

Cafes and restaurants in those places can now serve customers, but only at outdoor tables; groups of up to 10 people can gather in the street or in homes; and smaller cultural events are allowed to take place.

Major economic cities Barcelona and Spain are to remain under lockdown as medical experts warn about safety measures and the risk that could rise as a result of opening the two cities “Too soon”

The two nations recently allowed football to return hence different teams have resumed light training as they prepare to return the league and complete the season.

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