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Is Netflix’s Price Increase Worth the Bite?

If you’re thinking of signing up for any streaming service soon, then you should do a price evaluation before deciding to jump in. Right now, Netflix, which is one of the most popular streaming platforms bumped up its price recently which now begs the question: is worth it?

Well, when looking at what other streaming platforms like Prime, Disney, Hulu and Max are charging monthly and then factor in the quality of content available now. It seems fair to say that Netflix is robbing us blind with that lacklustre content and more so quite a limited catalogue.

Looking at the trend a few years back, the cost of Netflix ranged somewhere between $6-7 until around 2019 when the cost for the basic package went up to $8.99, standard ($12.99) and premium ($15.99) respectively. As of now, the basic package, which was valued at $9.99 has been removed leaving only the Standard ($15.49) and Premium ($19.99) until later when the company made a few changes and introduced a new Basic package with Ads at $6.99 after the market shares suffered a serious hit last year.

However, this hasn’t stopped the other players in the market from making their move which has seen streaming platforms like Disney, Prime Video and Max step up to the ring as worthy contenders with fresh and exciting content pulling in a number of users to the platforms.

Whether Netflix can maintain its market leader status is still up for discussion but one thing we can be sure about is that if it doesn’t pick up its socks and make some drastic changes to its catalogue, things could get a little ugly. According to stats shared by JustWatch, it’s quite clear how the market has drastically changed over the years when you look at the infographic below.

Is Netflix's Price Increase Worth the Bite? 1

Despite how the numbers look, it comes down to audience preference and what they want to watch. If you want you like is on Disney or Max, then it’s likely you will pick either two. Regardless, if Netflix doesn’t switch up its content soon, then that price increase won’t be worth a bite.


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