In a Move to Clamp Down On Racism, Twitter will Monitor Accounts of Top 50 Footballers

In recent weeks, racism in football has been happening so rapidly and this has mainly been happening on social media pages. The recent victims of the social media racism by some fans have been Paul Pogba of Manchester United and Tammy Abraham of Chelsea.

Paul Pogba was subject of racist abuses on popular social media platform Twitter after he missed a penalty that would have seen Manchester United win the game against Wolverhampton in the English Premier League encounter on Monday night.

Manchester United and his teammates Rashford, David De Gea, Jesse Lingard, and Harry Maguire were among many other players from Old Trafford who voiced their disgust from the were some fans choose to treat their key player.

Paul Pogab who has been outstanding for Manchester United was a subject of racist attacks on Social media Monday night (Image Credit: SkySports)

While we wish that racism is completely kicked out of football, one gets the feeling that the federations that are Football Association in England, Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), Federation of Internation Football Association (FIFA) among other countries like Russia and Italy where racism has been registered have not really done a good job in ensuring that they punish clubs and fans that have persistently had racism incidences.

An example can be taken from Moise Keane scenario in the Italian Series A in a game where Juventus was taking on Cagliari, the young player was subject of racism and one would have expected that Cagliari together with its fans would be punished.

Moise Keane formerly at Juventus was subjected to racism by the Cagliari fans (Image Credit:


Last season many players staged a 24-hour boycott of social media, with Twitter now electing to change its policy as a consequence. Twitter will undertake a more proactive approach to tackling racism, which will include regularly checking the posts of 50 high-profile black players.

Representatives are urging players to alter their Twitter preferences in the wake of recent incidents, with some players effectively blocking comments, while others have chosen to only receive notifications from accounts that they follow.

However, the question remains if these racists will not remain even if these players altered their accounts because this is a character issue and so Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms may need to do more than just following the accounts of players but rather set out algorithms that can help track down racist posts.

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