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CID to Conduct Fraud Investigations into Ssekitoleko Situation

After Weightlifter Julius Ssekitoleko returning from Japan where he was unable to take part in the Olympics games, the Athlete was taken straight to CID head quarters at Kibuli where he was interrogated about the events that led to him disappearing in the Asian nation before being sent back to Kamapala after he surrendered.

While on a call during the Saturday Sports show on KFM, CID Spokesperson Charles Twine stated that the department was looking to open up a fraud investigations into National Council of Sports (NCS) and the Uganda Weightlifting Federation.

At the Jinja road based CID, it has emerged that Julius was not supposed to be traveling to Japan as he had not qualified for the Olympics games. As a result, the team at CID say that they are going to conduct thorough investigations into the matter because there seems to be more to this case and Ssekitoleko could be a victim.

“We want to find out a few things that seem not to connect,” Twine said in a detailed interview on KFM Saturday Sports Show hosted by Patrick Kanyomoozi.

“What we have established is that this man did not qualify to go for Olympics. Under what circumstances do you spend public money to take somebody, you again start training him in Japan, you give him some money, you have prepared him psychologically to compete and all of the sudden you tell him that ‘you do not qualify, you go back’. Whose money are you playing with?

“And if its not the case, could there have been a possibility of conniving between a person who took him together with the athlete? Asked Mr. Twine while appearing on the KFM Saturday show.

CID to Conduct Fraud Investigations into Ssekitoleko Situation - Newslibre
Ssekitoleko who is currently being held at the CID headquarters in Kibuli returning to Uganda on 20th July. (Image Credit: morokbaruk)

Twine said that Ssekitoleko was not “deported from Japan” but termed his return as “Organised departure”. Organised departure is where someone is taken back to  his country of origin without any future restrictions while deportation means that there will be restrictions on ever stepping foot in said country.

Where is Ssekitoleko as of now?

As of this very moment, Ssekitoleko is yet to leave the premises of the CID in Kibuli where he has been held ever since returning to the country on Friday evening.

Mr. Charles Twine had hinted that the Athlete would be released from CID by Saturday afternoon as it is his constitutional right but all records show that that is not the case.

The situation sorrounding the 20 year old has caused so much uproar among the public seeing as he is yet to be released by the Police and the reasons for his being by the CID are still not clear. Consequently a fundme account has been opened to support the youngerstar whose only wish was to represent his country. You can also join the cause by contributing here.

Former Uganda Cranes star Jackson Mayanja calls for the release of Ssekitoleko “Julius Ssekitoleko does not deserve to be in jail. He is a sportsman who had given his soul and body to represent Uganda at the Olympic Games. He needs financial help and counseling than being arrested”

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CID to Conduct Fraud Investigations into Ssekitoleko Situation 1

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