Real Madrid Manager Zinedine Zidane Resigns | Newslibre

Real Madrid Manager Zinedine Zidane Resigns

Real Madrid have this afternoon been rocked with the worst possible news as they head into the summer. Manager Zinedine Zidane has chosen to step down from managing the Los Blancos.

The French man has guided Real Madrid to 10 trophies with the most profound being his 3 consecutive UEFA Champions League trophies.

Zinedine has been influential in making Real Madrid one of the best and most competitive teams in the world where they won trophies under his guidance.


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The Algerian born French international played for the Galaticos era from the early 2000s till the time he retired from football in 2006. He is widely remembered for his emphatic strike against Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League final.

Real Madrid Manager Zinedine Zidane Resigns | Newslibre
Zidane shares some tips with Ronaldo during a game against Athletico Madrid

Having retired, he chose to stay within the backroom staff of the club as an adviser from which he later went on to manage the Real Madrid Castilla side.

The legendary French man was appointed to manage Real Madrid first team where he was received with mixed feelings but since taking charge, he has proven his worth with every single match that has gone by.

Real Madrid have won 3 UEFA Champions League, in 2016, 2017 and 2018 with his guidance which exerted his footballing acumen.

He also helped Real Madrid win the 2016/17 Spanish La Liga title in a season where they played close to 24 matches unbeaten.

Zinedine has also been credited by many of the players for igniting the hunger in them and bringing out the best of them while as a manager and friend.

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos wrote this on his twitter “As a player and coach you decided to say goodbye at the top. Thank you for two and a half incredible years. Your legacy will never be erased, one of the most successful chapters in the history of our beloved Real Madrid”

“Gracias Mister! It’s been a pleasure!” – Toni Kroos



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