The Essential Apps Older People Can Use

Apps (applications) have been part of the enveloping smart-phone edge, the youth catch up pretty quickly on the day to day ever evolving technological aspect which is not the case for the older generations (At least with birthdays from the 1970’s below #golden age) mostly due to the learning curve and the lack of interest. However since the smart-phone revolution is becoming a necessity, how can one catch up with today’s trendy and ever growing apps world no matter what age you are.

By “old” we don’t mean or classify a group of people based just on the term old or age but what we wish to relay through the article is how people who haven’t fully engulfed themselves in today’s everyday tech groupie criteria but have remained old school in the way they do things and that applies to the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s generation.

With so many different apps available on-line on a number of platforms, one can easily learn how to use them to their benefit. Most of these apps are on almost all platforms like iOS, Blackberry OS, Windows and  Android respectively.

Phone Camera

Phone Camera
Phone Camera

Camera apps just like most smart phones these days, a camera comes default on almost all phone models out now. However, how is this beneficial to the elderly people? Good question. Let me narrow it down for you.

A camera isn’t just a tool for selfies and multiple embarrassing bathroom photo shots as you can notice with today’s youth culture however a camera on a smart phone or device is something you would find easy to operate and also enjoy its simplicity.

A camera captures and helps relive the memories people share together be it a birthday party, a graduation for a sibling or a vacation at a resort. With a camera, you can relive these moments through superior and enhanced ready on the go photo album creation as intended by most smart phones. And this offers the chance to look back in time as you scroll through album galleries on phone, tablet or computer, which builds a firm relationship with those, you shared the moments with. The camera apps also offer good photo editing and enhancing  capabilities to make your experience better.

Instant Messenger Apps (IM – Whatsapp, Viber & Telegram)

Instant Messenger Apps
Instant Messenger Apps

Communication in today’s world and society has not only become faster, simpler and more cost effective but has also offered the opportunity for parents, children and the old a like to share beautiful and cherishing moments of their lives by touch of a button.

Applications such as Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram, Facebook messenger and the like have offered those older a chance to communicate easily and instantly with their loved ones unlike back in the past where postage and mailing of letters took days or months in between. These apps have played a contributing role in making messaging faster and simpler for anyone.

With the current technological advancements, communication has never been much easier and as a result of this, you can take full advantage of these simple applications to enhance your communication with others and are available on all App stores including iOS, Blackberry OS, Windows and  Android respectively.

News Apps – Pulse, Pocket

News Apps
News Apps

Newspapers and magazines to mention but a few were a common form of relaying information through the course of human history. One had to wait for Thursday’s edition to read about sports or a certain topic but all that has changed.

With the various advancements in news media outlets, older folk that had stuck with the traditional forms of getting news have been offered faster and exciting forms of media coverage.

This has come with the existence of apps and gateways such as Pulse, Pocket and many others that give real time updates on current affairs in all aspects of life such as news media apps like BBC News, CNN and much more.

The older generation is able to keep up with the news and also contribute through discussions like blogs to expand on their thought process by just downloading these apps on their phones, tablets or accessing them through the computer and this proves a good feature for them which they can learn easily to use.

Processing Apps – Kingsoft Office, PDF

Document Reader Apps
Document Reader Apps

Having a document typed or formatted in any way possible has been an expansive feature in the smart-phone era. Apps like PDF readers; Kingsoft Office and Microsoft Word can be downloaded directly on to your smart phone or device.

One can draft an application letter or a report using these apps, which also provide an array of options for editing and design to make information readable and understandable by anyone. You can easily use these apps to make his or her life smooth be it in a business environment or any other form.

The following are some of the many other leading document processing apps you can download;

  • Kingsoft Office
  • Mobile Office
  • Adobe Reader

Kingsoft Office App

Mobile Office App

Adobe Reader App


Browser – UC Browser, Opera Browser

Web Browser
Web Browser

A browser is an application that allows you to view data, images or video on the web. Basically, browsers are simple apps that help you access information from the web easily. You can search about almost anything using search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to access information.

These apps can download, view and even upload data at steady speeds in case you when need a digital book, a song or movie. They can do a lot of things one may wish to do. Examples include Opera mobile, UC browser and Google Chrome to mention but a few. Basically, browsers are easy applications to use and come in handy for you. You can access these apps on most of the apps stores.

Notepad /To-do list Apps – Evernote, Wanderlust, Colornote

Note Apps
Note Apps

Having a notepad or book alongside a diary is still a customary practice even up to today but with the tech evolution more and more physical forms of literal material have been transcended into applications.

You can save your daily activity, set an alarm for a date, mark dates for meetings and other special days easily and faster with such apps like Evernote, Colornote which act as your personal organizers. With this, those used to physical literal material can continue to carry out their daily activities without need to carry around lots of writing material but just a smart device.

Mail Apps (E-mail) – Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo

Email Apps
Email Apps

Mailing has become one of the simplest forms of communication for any person today. Features like Gmail from Google, Hotmail from Microsoft and Yahoo! Mail from Yahoo! have granted people of all ages the ability to send & receive mail faster than ever before.

Such mailing features have apps that at times can pre-installed on smart devices and all one needs is to create an account free of charge and emailing whoever they wish to without much of the hustle like in the old days. Such apps are also beneficial to those that aren’t much into today’s smart device applications.



Map Apps (Google Maps, FourSquare)

Google Maps App
Google Maps App

With the age of space travel, satellite communication and telecommunication, finding directions to a location or an area has become a lot easier. One can access travel route information using apps such as Google Maps to know where they are headed. These map apps also enable one to determine alternative routes for easy access, the nearest super market, medical centre or transportation service at a push of a button. The most amazing app for this is Fousquare with directions, prices and reviews.

Carrying a map for every location had been a traditional habit that is still practical even today but with the growing technological advancements, this has paved a way through geographical constraints that had ravaged the earlier generations and this has proven useful to all people of all ages whether old or young alike.

Trying out these apps is a great start to loving and using your gadget more. Take a joy ride and try these out, if you have any problem installing these or finding the most appropriate please leave a comment below. We’ll be writing about more apps in details here, so keep checking in when you can.

Author: Allan Bangirana

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