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Airtel Uganda Managing Director Resigns

According to CEO East Africa, the Managing director of Airtel Uganda VG Somasekhar who has been very pivotal in scaling up the market share for the Telecom giants has resigned.

Raghunath Venkateswarlu Mandava the Airtel Africa CEO, broke the news to all group staff in an email this afternoon.

In the email titled: “Resignation Of V.G Somasekhar: Managing Director – Uganda“, Mr. Raghu wrote: “VG Somasekhar (Soma), Managing Director of Airtel Uganda Limited has expressed his desire to move to India and as such resigned from his current job, but will be associated with the Bharti, Airtel Group on his return to India.

Somasekhar re-joined Airtel Africa in August 2017, after an earlier stint in Uganda between 2010 and 2014. Soma has helped build Airtel Uganda Limited into a strong brand and into the company that it is today. He has been instrumental in rolling out our 4G across the country and has demonstrated great maturity in dealing with all stakeholders and provided robust leadership to the team in Uganda. Whilst we will miss him, we thank him for his enormous contribution and wish him the very best in his future endeavors. His successor will be announced in due course.”

VG Somasekhar who has been Airtel Uganda Managing Director Steps Down

Airtel Uganda Managing Director Resigns - Newslibre
The Managing Director has helped develop Airtel Uganda into one of the biggest Telecoms in the country.

Bharti Airtel in December 2010 appointed V.G Somasekhar, then with over 15 years’ experience in telecoms to lead the Airtel Uganda operation, then the second-biggest telecom company, albeit loss-making. In April 2013, Somasekhar would lead the acquisition of equally loss-making Warid Telecom for a reported $120 million and the subsequent merger into a stronger No.2 with a turnover of UGX505 billion at end of 2013 versus MTN’s UGX1 trillion.

The Impact the Outgoing Managing Director had on Airtel Uganda’s Brand

Somasekhar will be remembered as the MD who turned the company to profitability. By end of 2018 when Airtel’s turnover grew 5% from UGX 1.16 trillion in 2017 to UGX 1.21 trillion and net profit grew much healthier- an impressive 38%- from UGX 245 billion to UGX 338.1 billion ahead of MTN’s UGX220 billion on a gross UGX 1.6 trillion in revenue, making Airtel, Uganda’s most profitable telecom company.

Airtel Uganda Managing Director Resigns - Newslibre
Airtel Uganda has planted itself as a friend of the people by engaging in community activities.

In an effort to get closer to the market and people that they serve, he guided Airtel to join activities like the Kabaka run, the Masaza cup. They also become the national partner of the Uganda Cranes football team while doing a lot of activities in health and communities.

Currently, Airtel boasts of being one of the few Telecom companies in Uganda that are connected countrywide while offering what is believed to be affordable services for its subscribers.


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