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Great News as 525,000 Coronavirus Recoveries Are Registered Worldwide

As the race to find a vaccine for coronavirus continues and the numbers of those being infected continues to surge, there is hope as more than 500,000 people have recovered from the virus which has also claimed many lives.

The world currently stands at 2,078,277 infections from all numbers registered and there are over 138,101 deaths registered as well. There is hope as more than 526,337 have recovered from coronavirus.

Which countries have been most hit by Coronavirus?

The United States of America has registered over 630,00 infections, the most by any country in the world. The country has registered 52,000 recoveries and over 30,000 total deaths.

Spain, which was one of the hardest hit nations earlier on in March has a total of 182,816 total confirmed cases, with over 74,000 recoveries. The country has started to see a steady decline in the new cases confirmed and starting to allow movement within the capital Madrid as a way of allowing business to get back to normal.

Great News as 525,000 Coronavirus Recoveries Are Registered Worldwide - Newslibre
Medical workers in Spain rush to access coronavirus patients. (Image Credit: Al Jazeera)

The country that caused so much alarm around the world, Italy has a total of 165,155 with 38,092 recoveries and 21,645 deaths registered in total. Unlike in March, Italy have also started to register low new number of cases. The country is lifting restrictions for shops and stores to allow the population to access basic needs like food, toiletries among others. The country is yet to state when they expect to get back to normal operation.

Despite registering over 134,753 confirmed coronavirus cases, Germany is living up to the title of having one of the best health care systems in the world with over 66, 169 recoveries while registering 3,804 deaths from the virus so far. Germany are still airtight on the lock-down restrictions that they have in place.

Yemen has the lowest number of confirmed coronavirus cases around the world. The Middle East nation has confirmed only 1 case so far and is yet to register any deaths or recoveries,

Uganda have a total of 55 coronavirus cases and has by today confirmed to have registered 20 recoveries with zero faterlities to the virus. Uganda recently extended their lock down by a further 3 weeks through president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

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