The day has come for graduations at Makerere University once again for the oldest university in Uganda’s history of higher education as the fuss for all qualified students to graduate are pacing up and down like they are on heat.

Oops sorry but you see they are running literally up and down, left and right trying to clear their names before the 20th of January 2016 as that marks the beginning of these hardworking and well trained graduates to venture out the world.

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Eager to get into the real world, hold that thought for a moment as some tasks are lastly required of you graduates before you call it journey well traveled so far. Clearing with some departments is paramount. As you thought you were done, think again.

Having a glitch in any department from finance department down to the hall of residence or attachment not even forgetting the sports, guild, library, university clinic as well as the police department.

The above places are mandatory for clearing no matter what. I for one didn’t think they were of any need to sign anywhere, shockingly I was proven wrong. Make it a point future graduates get those forms inked as required by the administration.

Yes that is true you ought to clear with all the above mentioned meaning one has to collect a number of signatures from all these offices. I remember something like this way back in my A’ level.

One had to move up and down in search for teachers to sign their forms. A smart student would go around lunch time and camp around the staff room waiting for each teacher required to sign. On a good note many do tend to succeed with this approach.

“I know, no one would like to go back to such a moment of hustle for signatures from every head of department in the school even the kitchen head cook had a portion on that white sheet of paper to sign, unbelievable but believe me even the head of the school canteen had to sign damn that was unimaginable honestly I had no idea till my turn came to do the same. We had a taste of pure displeasure while trying to leave the very same place these people wanted and statement needed reviews.”

Regularly one gets familiar with how a particular institution works but there is an issue that doesn’t change that is clearing. One wouldn’t think he/she wouldn’t go through this tedious process again.

Well now here at campus that’s almost the same if not the same scenarios happening only that this time round these guys want you out of the system cause the heads of these departments will have to sign so as for you to graduate.

As the students go about getting their signatures on their clearance forms there are those who are done with all this “Vuyos” one may call it but it’s a definitely well calculated system protocol for one to use properly and leave the institution without any problems till that wonderful day when you get up and about ready to receive their undergraduate degrees, postgraduate or doctorate level degrees for the various students of the various courses they was offered or admitted  for the speciality they want to practice and make a career out of.

At your college’s finance office queues of students await with their testimonials from the transcript office to clear financial issues with the university. Mutters as students show satisfactory statements of how fast clearing was to some of them.

At Mitchell hall’s parking lot there are quite a number of tents displaying gowns with corresponding colours tailored to represent every course at the campus. Business is moving smoothly as a graduates is looking and checking if the gown he will purchase will serve its well-deserved purpose on graduation.

The merchants get you involved with statements such as “hello, you look like a graduate to be, come check out some gowns here,” “hey boss want a gown” “ brother, sister come see gowns,” “do you want gowns?”

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The atmosphere filled with graduates haggling their way to a much suitable agreeable price or better yet trying another tent for gowns from checking and transacting with them due to the way they make you feel at ease, armed with mirrors just so our good female counterparts can indulge their basic natural instincts and gaze at the mirrors of how they look in that graduation gown.

“What is the colour of software engineering  gowns,” nervously an anonymous graduate asked. This is also an issue one must have his gown with the right colours without fail. Considering factors of being organised for resistance graduates of Information Technology having one colour like blue ease identification for employers in attendance to find new recruits easily.

Lovely feel I imagine coming from the ladies as grins are viewed from a distance by passers-by, this is an atmosphere of students fighting to make sure 20th January till the 23rd they are sorted and finally become official graduates of this prestigious institution of learning.

Upon this great deal of joy and happiness on the faces of students last year’s finalists have come to reap what they sowed in their academic struggles and enter the real world. Armed with their achievements in academics the world awaits for these fresh bloods.

Parents and guardians accompany their sons and daughters, nieces and nephews to this joyous time in fulfillment of their last school requires on graduation day as per the rules state.

It is customary for each graduate to have some photography moment to capture such moments in their life’s albums evident by the many semi-photo studio tents camped all over campus at different locations all trying to get their clients looking sharp in their gowns.

I only have one fat word to say to all waiting for that day “CONGRATULATIONS” mates well done.

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