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19 Year Old Scams Indian Government

Kamal Babu who is 19 years of age was arrested for trying to defraud the Indian government after he and two colleagues went and opened up a national bank in Tamil Nadu.

According to a report by news agency PTI, the accused is the son of a former bank manager. He along with two others tried to run a fake branch of the State Bank of India at the Cuddalore district in Tamil Nadu.

The other two gentlemen who were arrested with the 19-year-old Kamal are Manickam who is 52 years believed to have been at the forefront of making fake seals while the other is 42-year-old Kumar who was in charge of printing the Challans.

The forgery came into light after SBI Panruti branch manager Venkatesan complained about the ‘functioning’ of a fake ‘North Bazaar branch of the SBI’. Following the complaint, the police investigated the matter and found that a duplicate branch was set up by the boy which exactly looking like a normal SBI branch.

19 Year Old Scams Indian Government - Newslibre
Kamal Babu is the 19-year-old who led the team of 3 who opened the Indian bank (Image Credit: Newskamakata)

The interesting side of this story is that the reports indicate that one of the reasons why the Fake bank was identified was the fact that the staff was really nice and humble a characteristic that is not familiar with the bak set up in the area and also the national bank.

The Young Indian Boy is said to have shown an Immense knowledge of the Banking sector

According to the local police, the boy who showed an immense understanding of how the banking world works had on several occasions tried to get himself hired by the national SBI bank but all efforts were futile and this drove him to create his own.

“He even calmly told us that he awaited approval from Mumbai to open the (SBI) branch and that he was about to put up a signboard,” Said the Indian Police

Police say that they have not received any complaints regarding the trio cheating or stealing from the public in the form of loans or investments.

Investigations revealed that the man was “very knowledgeable” about the working of a bank considering his family background. However, his mother and a relative who’s living with them had no idea about the Kamal’s plan.

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