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Hardcore Band SUFFOCATE FASTER Release “Lost Ones” Single After 16 Years

Today hardcore band Suffocate Faster rejoin forces for their first release since 2006 – their single “Lost Ones.” The track boasts 2 minutes and 51 seconds of unrelenting energy to send a powerful message that the band is stronger than ever since reuniting. The band is making a bold return to the hardcore sphere with two EPs slated for release via Smartpunk Records in 2023.
Musical activism and baring who they are in their lyrics are common threads on their upcoming EP. The story behind “Lost Ones” matches the heavy-hitting track as the band addresses unfair circumstances for individuals with criminal records who are working to rehabilitate in the modern world.
“There are so many so-called criminals out there in society that have made mistakes in their young lives or even fallen on hard times at any age. Once they have been branded with a criminal record, especially a felony, our system and people continue to make it as difficult as possible for them to get work or come up in the world. No one is perfect. It only takes a ‘normal’  person getting upset or being pushed too far and they end up in the system just as easily. Give everyone the same chances and you’ll see a big change in our world.” – Suffocate Faster

Suffocate Faster was formed in the fall of 2001 while attempting to stray from the over-exposed trends that plagued Cincinnati, Ohio’s music scene. Inspired by the confluence of metal and hardcore perpetrated by the likes of Hatebreed and Earth Crisis, Suffocate Faster sought to create music far more aggressive than what was being heard on radio and television. The band hit the studio and the road in 2007 with pride in the straight-edge lifestyle and positive message to share.

In their short tenure the band released 2 full-length records; 2004’s “Only Time Will Tell” and 2006’s “Don’t Kill The Messenger.” Flash-forward to 2019 and a call to bring the band back together with original guitar player and founder Chris Towning, the band was reinvigorated with the desire to create new music to reach their original fans and new alike. The current lineup consisting of Chris Alsip, Lance Hudson, and Corey Williams was brought together by Towning’s unifying goal. Suffocate Faster is back and stronger than ever with release two new EPs slated to release via SmartPunk in 2023.

Listen to Lost Ones – Suffocate Faster


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