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Pop-Rockers HUNGOVER Unveil New Single “Shake It Off”

Today Hungover released their latest groovy pop-rock single “Shake It Off” alongside an upbeat music video and highly anticipated album announcement. The band is releasing their forthcoming album “When It Touches The Heart, Everything Resolves” on February 16, 2024, via Smartpunk Records.

The new track encapsulates the perfect glimpse into the album’s mashup of pop, punk, and rock while the lyrics tell the story of the band’s tumultuous journey of challenges and resilience that has led them to this milestone.

“Anyone who has been a fan of Hungover since the beginning knows that it has been an interesting journey with a lot of ups and downs. This song touches on the moment when we were all able to get over our own personal demons and make the choice to continue being a band after a previously unmentioned hiatus.” – Marc Cortes, vocalist of Hungover

Hungover is the product of the ashes of other bands and the years its members – Marc Cortes, Sean Connors, and Gabe Santiago – spent together in the Orlando music scene. It’s there that Hungover cut their teeth in small, packed clubs and bars, carefully honing their penchant for energetic, impactful, and wildly pop-sensible guitar rock. In the studio, Hungover learned to push the envelope and sharpen WILT’s five songs with the help of producer and engineer Alan Reitman.

After self-releasing WILT to underground acclaim, Hungover chose to team up with Smartpunk Records to release the EP on vinyl with three brand new, unreleased songs mastered by Alan Douches (Real Friends, Fall Out Boy, Every Time I Die). Three’s Company, Exit: Stage Left, and Sleep Alone all effortlessly exhibit the same vigour, cleverness, and raw emotion of the five songs that preceded them, but capture the experience and know-how of a band at their peak.

Hungover as a whole is a helium, their dynamic sound inflating any room they inhabit. A bar becomes a hall, a club becomes a theatre, and so on; and it’s no accident either. By allowing themselves to be moulded by the rooms they’ve played, Hungover is, in turn, able to mould those rooms themselves. It’s this awareness that instills WILT with the same sensation; that urgent push from the inside of the chest and the awareness that the moment is somehow bigger than the seconds it exists in. That indefinable something.

HUNGOVER – Shake It Off


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