Old Currents Release Their Edgy and Deep Album “The Glory, The Defeat” to the World - Newslibre

Old Currents Release Their Edgy and Deep Album “The Glory, The Defeat” to the World

Having an edgy, deep, and fun alternative-rock sound to it, the Old Currents band is going strong with their full-album release, “The Glory, The Defeat” which lives up to its title with its track build-up that is worth the listen.

With a total of 12 tracks, “The Glory, The Defeat” is surely a fun experience that throws you off with those amazing slow guitar and at times hard-hitting sounds that make it a delicious treat to listen to. Songs like, ‘Here, You Throw This Away’, ‘No Signs of Life’, and ‘The Glory’ are some of the tracks that make this album enjoyable.

Other songs like ‘A Few Good Men’, ‘Liquor- I Barely Know Her’ and ‘So You Don’t Forget’ remind us of the old wild days and high pitching alternative-rock sounds from bands such as Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Good Charlotte to mention but a few.

The Old Currents borrow their influences from punk, ska, folk, hardcore and more which has allowed the band to uniquely blend genres and formulate their own novel sound that feels and sounds nostalgic, with wistful melodies flowing all over the place while delivering sentimental lyrics and an alternative-rock sound.

Old Currents hit the ground running in December of 2017 with the spontaneous announcement of the band and unveiling of their first LP, Three Chords & the Truth. Founding members Jake, Joe and Greg grew up together in Glen Rock, New Jersey and started playing together when they were teenagers. After swapping stories, songs, and ambitions with Ryan Struck after a show, he promptly joined the band in the winter of 2018.

Old Currents is more than just a band; it is a declaration of dedication and intent to turn one-off bands and jam sessions into something real and something to truly be proud of. Their inspirations span every facet of the musical universe from country to ska to hardcore and Old Currents prides themselves in seamlessly blending their diverse muses into a fresh iteration of alternative rock music.

“The Glory, The Defeat” Album Shows How Well the Old Currents Band Has Blended Various Genres to Produce Something Amazing

In Fall 2019, Old Currents went to Portrait Recording Studio to write and record their first album as a four-piece, The Glory, The Defeat. This album marks a new wave for the band as they share their undeniably captivating contribution to the rock genre through diverse musical influences and lyrics that hit close to home.

This new track’s sounds and lyrics convey the heaviness of setting off into an unfamiliar world.

The band offers a fresh and intriguing approach to the rock genre by combining their eclectic musical influences with their unique brand of personal storytelling which makes their music a fun listening experience for anyone that loves a different alt-rock touch and sound.

Old Currents Release Their Edgy and Deep Album “The Glory, The Defeat” to the World - Newslibre


  1. Here, You Throw This Away
  2. No Signs of Life
  3. The Lucky Ones
  4. The Glory
  5. This Old House
  6. Liquor- I Barely Know Her
  7. Asbury, Please
  8. So You Don’t Forget
  9. Press Play
  10. In Our Own Time
  11. The Defeat
  12. A Few Good Men

We reached out to the band for an interview to find out what makes them tick and what they have to say about their new album release.

1. While working on the “The Glory, The Defeat” album, what experiences excited you the most as a band?

If you’re lucky enough to get in the studio with an engineer you trust (shout out to Badami), an engineer that encourages and works with your creative vision, you find yourself in a perfect place to just explore. That’s what was most exciting for us. Exploring harmonies, tones, effects, layers, etc. Hell, we changed whole vocal parts in the recording booth. We loved these songs before but through exploration, we were really able to bring them to life.

2. What is your creative process like? Anything exciting you would like to share with your fans?

Jake and Joe are the primary songwriters. But the original versions are pretty bare-bones, just some chords and lyrics. The songs are brought to the rhythm section and then we slice and dice and add. That’s when lead guitar parts get written, harmonies and ohs, and that’s we determine the exact structuring of the song as well.

3. What is the hint behind the album title, “The Glory, The Defeat”

Well here are Old Currents LLC we don’t just have one title track, we have two! And we feel all the songs kind of maintain a theme of enjoy, life is filled with ups and downs, appreciate the good while it’s good, and know that the band hurt like hell but can always be worse.

4. Are there bands/artists you would love to collaborate with?

Oh hell yes, Hot Water Music, Blink 182, Manchester Orchestra, Lucero, Gaslight. But we are lucky enough to know really incredible bands as well. We would love to work with American Thrills, Tired Radio, Neckscars, The Adventuring Party and so many more.

5. How has the pandemic impacted your music? Has it influenced your current projects in any way?

Well, the pandemic put the album on hold for a bit, and of course shows died out for a bit too (that was rough, we love playing out). But it influenced TG, and TD for the better, we had time to sit with the album and just digest it. We made a lot of changes and we’re so happy we did.

6. What do the band members usually do for fun in their free time when they’re not creating music?

There is fishing, photography, travelling, meat smoking, watching movies and going to concerts.

Old Currents Release Their Edgy and Deep Album “The Glory, The Defeat” to the World - Newslibre

7. After being in the industry for a while now, what would you describe as the band’s biggest challenges or failures faced in the last few years and how did you overcome them?

The biggest challenge is really just giving the music the time it deserves, we don’t get to practice as much as we’d like, or focus on booking shows or getting our merch together… stuff like that. We all have full-time jobs, families, and other obligations. But we have learned to just make time.

8. If you hadn’t become a music artist, what would you be doing now?

Joe – I don’t know, maybe comedy or filmography. I love to be on stage and also love the puzzle of putting creative pieces together to make a final product.

Greg – would be volunteering time with animals and possibly pursuing a career as a zookeeper.

Jake- would be a struggling baseball player (his words) for the New Jersey Jackals.

Ryan- I would be successful.

9. What’s next for your band? Do you have any surprise projects lying in wait for your fans?

Well, we want to play this album out until we lose our voices, so get ready for as many shows as we can get too. But also keep on the lookout for some new content… Maybe some music videos some songs… Who knows, we’re crazy lol.

11. What message would you love to give to your fans?

We couldn’t be happier to finally share this album with all of you. Thank you for all the continued support we are eternally grateful. Our album release is May 21stDebonair Music Hall in Teaneck NJ, check our Instagram for more details. Lastly please come up and chat with us! We love to chit-chat about everything and nothing.

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