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Matthew Lowry Releases His Ambitious Alt-Rock Concept Album “Flamingo County”

Last week, independent alt-rock artist Matthew Lowry released his debut album, “Flamingo County.” The tracklist, featuring singles “All My Friends Are Selling Out” and “Coming For You,” follows the harrowing story as Lowry comes face-to-face with difficult questions, a-ha revelations, uncharted freedom, and beautiful reflections about the journey of life in his fictional world of Flamingo County – a place where he can embrace his most authentic self.

The album is sonically inspired by rock heroes Jimmy Eat World, Foo Fighters, Andrew McMahon, and Weezer. Meanwhile, the album was mastered by Jesse Cannon, and the music videos were directed by indie rock legend Aaron Marsh of Copeland. As a cohesive piece, Matthew intends to bring together his friends, family, and new fans for a musical journey that resonates with every human on earth.

“Flamingo County is a state of mind. That’s the realization that I found myself having as I was not just writing an album, but becoming the person that I was always going to become. My early 30s had found me coming out of this period of deconstruction, not just of my faith (which coming from a very Pentecostal/spiritual family and upbringing is everything to someone), but of almost everything else in my life.

I was asking myself very honest questions and breaking everything down to the core of me. Who I am, what I love, what makes me happy, what I really believe. Not because someone told me, but because it’s what I wanted and who I really am. I just wrote music because it was fun and what I loved. If the lyrics came out, I just hit record on my iPhone and sang what came from my heart.

When it came time to record the album, I wanted to do it in my hometown, with my best friends, and just make it this fun thing we did because I love it. And that’s Flamingo County. All sorts of genres and influences, but 100% me. Just a Florida boy playing some rock and roll with his best friends.

It’s truly a picture of me trying to embrace who I finally know I am, and the journey of what that looks like, during those few years in my life. As well as realizing that all I have to do is embrace that state of mind, and I can be in Flamingo County no matter where I am.” -Matthew Lowry

“Flamingo County” Tracklist

WFLC Flamingo County Radio
Get By, Get High
Coming For You
Something More Than This
All My Friends Are Selling Out
Fall Away
Let You Walk Away
WFLC Radio Break
It Could Be Raining Outside
Flamingo County
WFLC Signing Off

Matthew Lowry just wants you to sing along and smile while you do it. “Life is hard enough, so let’s turn it up and enjoy every moment that we can,” he states through a giant smile of his own. “I want to bring a modern sound to that old school rock and roll vibe we saw in the 70s and 80s—big choruses, huge guitar solos and people just having a good time. We need that now more than ever.” When you hear the songs from his upcoming album, Flamingo County, you can hear just that.

Blending the driving rock influence of Foo Fighters and Jimmy Eat World with the songwriting of Elton John, Queen, and Ben Folds, Lowry has positioned himself to turn a lot of heads on this release. There’s an exciting mix of new, yet somehow familiar songs throughout the journey of an album that isn’t afraid to shake things up. From soaring lead guitars to southern rock breakdowns to piano pop songs you can’t get out of your head, it’s hard to know what’s coming next, but you know that you can’t stop listening.


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