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L E A Releases Heart Pumping Emo-Inspired Pop Track “FTS (Sick of This)”

This week L E A dropped her infectious, anthemic new single “FTS (Sick of This)” featuring viral artist, producer, and Emo Nite New Orleans DJ Bemo Rouge. The track permeates with inspiration that is equal parts pop, emo, pop-punk, and hip-hop to formulate a distinct sound that only L E A could conjure up.

It is a quintessential track to represent the modern iterations of punk that music fans are thirsting for. The uplifting, instantly catchy melody is the backdrop for her story as a struggling artist as she finally unlocks the success that she strived to achieve:

“This song is about knowing you’re about to break into the scene as an alternative artist, getting ready to prove to people who told you you wouldn’t make it while struggling financially and mentally to balance it all alone.” – L E A

Growing up in the small, yet touristy beach town of Point Pleasant, New Jersey, L E A was homegrown from every and all kinds of rock n roll. The Los Angeles-based artist has intertwined the boldness of punk with the beachiness of pop turning her into the alternative pop act she is today.

Inspired by artists such as Mayday Parade, Charlotte Sands, Secondhand Serenade, Magnolia Park, and many more from the iconic Warped Tour era, L E A considers her sound colourful, extroverted, aggressive, and blunt. Having a heavy musical background, lower-timbre rock vocals, and an obsession with the colourful world around her, L E A is sure to stand out in a crowd and make her presence known. After all, she is a Leo.

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Listen to FTS (Sick of This) – L E A


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