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Rock Band King Ropes Reflects On Memories In Indie Track ‘Greedy’

Ahead of the just-announced release of their fifth studio album, Super Natural, indie rock band King Ropes are giving listeners a peek into what’s to come. Their newest single, “Greedy,” is a groovy summertime track that features twangy guitars and a bluesy melody that feels innately Montana, a nod to the band’s roots.

Accompanying the track comes its official music video, where “Greedy” showcases the gritty intimacy of King Ropes’ live shows as reflections of memories pass by. Frontman Dave Hollier’s songwriting in the new single perfectly demonstrates his gripping storytelling, as the song takes a trip through memories over the years:

“‘I’m getting greedy, I want that other one hanging there just out of reach.’ I felt like I was on a roll creatively writing songs, tapped into wherever they seem to come from, and I wanted more. That’s where that first line came from. Then, in a stream of consciousness sort of way, started tapping into memories and stories. They’re a bit of a jumble, the way memory tends to be, making connections and free associations from different people and times in my life.

Years ago living in Brooklyn, and going to the Mermaid Parade which had a proto hipster/freakshow/burning man via NYC/kid-friendly strip club kind of vibe, which always seemed to be the hottest week of the year. A guy who used to work with me who always had great stories and great nicknames for the people in them; my friends Cate and Serafina driving up to MT from Santa Fe to come to our show on Cate’s birthday.” – Dave Hollier

Super Natural, King Ropes’ fifth album, is full of open spaces and jagged edges. Guitars scrape and whine. Amps rumble. Rickety pianos rattle in and out of tune. Like Montana, the band’s home, nothing is too refined.

At the centre of it all is singer and frontman Dave Hollier, a gifted songwriter at the top of his game, surveying a land haunted by doomed relationships and hypocrite ideologues in his odd, quivering voice. The songs convey a world that is remarkably gorgeous but also harsh and unforgiving, dark and foreboding.

Super Natural is at once King Ropes’ most ambitious and intimate work, expanding the parameters of the band’s desert rock and ragged Americana sound. It is buoyed by a directness that brings out Hollier’s most stirring songwriting to date. Hollier has a gift for writing about tragedy and pain with wry humour and conversational bluntness.

Long-simmering family trauma, visions of animal reincarnation, mysterious respiratory ailments—all are worthy songwriting prompts as the record vacillates from the pounding rhythms of “Hello Sun” and the thick, stoner-rock roar of “Drunk Donny” to the tenderness of “Sure,” a sorrowful, synth-driven ode to regret, and the quietly stunning, disarmingly plainspoken “Breathing”.

Watch King Ropes Greedy on YouTube

Be sure to watch the “Greedy” music video on King Ropes’ official YouTube Channel, and pre-save the band’s upcoming LP, Super Natural, here.


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