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King Falcon Shares New Track and Video ‘Cadillac’

Queens, New York-based rock outfit King Falcon have released their new song ‘Cadillac’ on Mascot Records. Melding indie-rock adventurousness with Classic Rock swagger, King Falcon’s ultra-catchy songwriting recalls artists like Black Keys, Cage The Elephant, Tame Impala, The Killers, Royal Blood, and Beck.

‘Cadillac’ was produced by Marshall Altman (Citizen Cope, Matt Nathanson, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Mark Broussard) and mixed by 12-time Grammy-nominated mixing engineer and producer Mark Needham (The Killers, Imagine Dragons, Fleetwood Mac, The Airborne Toxic Event). The song is brimming with earworm-worthy guitar riffage, a soaring chorus, soulfully melodic lead vocals, and vibrant indie-rock atmospherics.

In talking about the genesis of “Cadillac’, King Falcon’s Michael Rubin says “My best friend has had this 1957 Cadillac Eldorado parked in his garage for as long as I’ve known him. Every single time that we saw each other, I would pester him about trying to get it started so we could take it for a joyride. The car hadn’t moved in years – but it wasn’t in bad shape or anything, it had just atrophied as all mechanical things tend to do when they sit around unused and unloved”.  

He continues — “One day I decided to take matters into my own hands. I showed up at his house with a couple of tools and a can of starter fluid and before you know it, we were cruisin’ down the boulevard in this unregistered Cadillac with 40-year-old tires. Totally unsafe and illegal, but it was the single most fun I have ever had riding in a car. That old Caddy turns WAY more heads than any new Lamborghini or Ferrari!  The second I heard the engine roar to life I knew that this was a special moment that I wanted to write about.

The song came together after about 8 days of sitting in front of my computer screen listening to the bass part on loop (much to the chagrin of my neighbours). I felt that the song had to embody the coolness of the moment but also the excitement and danger of driving around in a 5000-pound car with crappy brakes and no license plates”.

The “Cadillac” video snapshots an actual Ferris Bueller-like joyride with his buddy’s red, rare bird 1957 Eldorado Cadillac. Rubin continues “I got to drive this beauty with no brakes, no plates, and a flat tire—everybody, including the cops, waved as I cruised this spaceship around the neighbourhood. It broke down twice while we were filming, and we had to push that two-and-a-half-ton beast uphill on a gravel road. I now have a chronic injury from doing that – as a reminder of an experience I will never forget. We were able to mix in some cool animation to enhance the storyline of the video, we hope everyone enjoys it!”

Michael Rubin is the creative driving force behind King Falcon, but the drummer and sometimes recording engineer James Terranova is essential to the band’s spirit. His fastidious, plan-ahead persona is the perfect counterpoint to Michael’s freewheeling personality, and the pair have an old-married-couple kind of connection. “I would take a bullet for him, but I may also be that person to shoot him,” Michael jokes. Up until now, King Falcon has been a guitar and drums duo, but the twosome is welcoming drummer Tom Diognardi and moving James to bass.

King Falcon – Cadillac

In 2020, the duo released the funky and infectiously catchy single, “Shake! Shake! Shake!” However, the pandemic cleared King Falcon’s calendar before it even got a chance to play a show. The guys made the most of the situation by sending the unreleased song, “When The Party Is Over,” out to labels.

“That song represented me trying to convince my parents, and myself, that I could get somewhere playing the guitar,” Michael says. The song turned out to be ace for the band – they emailed the song to Mascot, and the next day was awarded a recording contract.

When The Party Is Over” is an irresistible, moody mid-tempo rocker teeming with earworm melodies. The song explores lonely New York late-night living with gritty candour, and it comes alive via a darkly alluring video. “We got chased through the park by a crazed man with a knife while making the song’s video,” Michael remembers.

King Falcon has resumed its pre-pandemic plans of playing its first live shows and touring. “It took two and a half years to get here,” Michael says, pausing thoughtfully. “If you asked me when I first got my guitar if we would get a label and be where we are today, I would have said, ‘oh yeah, no problem,’ but I’ve learned the reality of it all isn’t that simple. It is amazing to be where we are today, but it was a challenging journey.”

The band is set to start a 2-month residency at the famed Bowery Electric in NYC, with tour dates being booked for the summer and plans to release additional music later this year.


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