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HARBOUR Isn’t Afraid to Be Vulnerable in Latest Studio Album

Cincinnati indie-rockers HARBOUR is asking the most personal questions in their latest studio effort, To Chase My Dreams, Or To Just Lie Down? out now via ONErpm. Since the band’s formation almost a decade ago, HARBOUR has pushed the limits both musically and lyrically.

Members Ryan Green (vocals/guitar), Jarett Lewis (guitar), Ryan Sulken (drums), Walker Atkinson (bass), and Devon Turner (guitar) have curated an infectious indie pop/rock sound that transfers seamlessly into their live shows.

Since 2014, HARBOUR has delivered an EP and four full-length albums — of which their previous effort, Thoughts on Letting Go, accumulated over 20 million plays since its worldwide debut in 2019. The previously released track, “Bahamas” was the first single to preview the new LP. “Bahamas” describes the fluctuating feelings of excitement that comes with adventure and touring while exploring the contradictory themes of missing home.

“Sleepyhead,” the sophomore single to follow in To Chase My Dreams, Or To Just Lie Down? brings up feelings of anxiety and facing the unknown in a unique way. It is written as a stream-of-consciousness — the single paints a vivid picture of the monotony of daily life and societal pressures through a deceptively cheery melody, allowing listeners to dance their way through the discomfort of uncertainty. Tracks like “Swimming In My Head” and “Everything’s Fine” outline more personal emotions like self-doubt and feelings of isolation.

The ten-track studio release covers the band’s feelings and various emotions throughout the global pandemic, in which HARBOUR shares:

“Most of the album was written in lockdown and recorded shortly thereafter, during a time when the future of live music was still very uncertain. Now, just two years later, getting the chance to release and play these songs to rooms full of fans across the US is pretty surreal. This album is definitely our best collective work to date, allowing us to come into our own as musicians, and we hope people enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it.” — HARBOUR

The contemplative, often ruminating lyrical matter of HARBOUR’s music finds juxtaposition against playful melodies that perfectly encapsulate the boundless energy the band brings to all their performances. HARBOUR aim to uplift its listeners with its catchy melodies. While the nuances of the album may be dark, the band’s intent is to give their fans hope and encouragement. To Chase My Dreams, Or To Just Lie Down? is available via ONErpm everywhere.


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