Enrose Releases Vibrant Debut EP 'Wait, Create' That Uniquely Blends R&B, Pop and Soul - Newslibre

Enrose Releases Vibrant Debut EP ‘Wait, Create’ That Uniquely Blends R&B, Pop and Soul

Enrose, the creative brainchild of Gabi Rose, released her debut EP, Wait, Create, yesterday on all streaming platforms. The six tracks are a culmination of Rose’s works throughout the years, highlighting the singer-songwriter’s unique jazz-pop style with the flairs of saxophone that complement the R&B influences heard in her voice.

Working alongside her team to create a distinctive sound that perfectly encapsulates the range of Rose’s talent, Wait, Create hits on complex themes and emotions while still providing a laidback sonic experience that combines her varied influences.

“I’m still practising and finding my sound, learning what I have the most fun doing and where I sound best, all the while trying not to take myself too seriously. Because of Enrose, I don’t have to experience this alone. It’s been really enjoyable and this is the first body of work I’ve ever finished to the point where it would be released. The Wait, Create EP is a look into the process of finding my artistry with an intimate group of friends, and it represents the beginning of something that I hope grows far beyond what I can imagine now.” – Gabi Rose of Enrose

The EP is accompanied by the release of the music video for “Beautiful Dust,” a track that pays tribute to a manipulative relationship and the aftermath of its breakup. The video follows the process of creating an Enrose track, a seemingly unreal trance that takes them into another dimension.

“This was my first time working with videographer and editor James Morano, and he just absolutely nailed it. Jake Navarro (my drummer and right-hand) helped me come up with the storyline. We talked about attempting to portray this dream-like state of writing a song, where I start in my little bedroom studio and begin to imagine an alternate reality version of myself.

We wanted it to be fun, 70’s-inspired, and have a humour aspect as well. Completed with James’ touch, it all came to life so beautifully, and I think it encapsulates what this entire EP is about—getting out of my own head and exploring the possibilities of what Enrose can be.” – Gabi Rose of Enrose

The Wait, Create EP by Enrose Hits On Complex Themes and Emotion

When the world shut down in 2020, Gabi Rose decided she didn’t want to become the type of musician who sat on the sidelines waiting for an opportunity to magically arise. With Wait, Create, the debut EP from her new project Enrose, she cultivated an idea built on a highly collaborative mindset that benefits greatly from the input of her bandmates (Jake Navarro, Kit Benz, Mikey Rotunno, Billy Joe Harden) and producer, Anthony Lopardo at Westfall Recording Company.

A vibrant blend of R&B, smooth jazz and pop, Wait, Create is Rose’s way of reassuring her audience—and herself—that all too often we’re the last ones to recognize our own potential. “I know what it’s like to get bogged down in self-defeating patterns of thinking,” Rose explains.

“So I decided to name this project Enrose after the French expression la vie en rose. For me, the idea of ‘rose-coloured glasses’ isn’t naive—it’s a form of bravery that I need.”

The Wait, Create EP can be found on all streaming platforms worldwide. Watch the new music video for “Beautiful Dust” here.

Enrose Releases Vibrant Debut EP 'Wait, Create' That Uniquely Blends R&B, Pop and Soul - Newslibre


  1. Comatose
  2. Wait, Create
  3. Beautiful Dust
  4. Save Yourself
  5. On My Knees
  6. Feels Like Home

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Enrose Releases Vibrant Debut EP 'Wait, Create' That Uniquely Blends R&B, Pop and Soul 1

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