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Emarosa Emerge from the Ashes with New 80’s Inspired Album ‘Sting’

It has been a long time in waiting, and for those who are Emarosa fans, this is a wonderful way to start off the year with their latest album release ‘Sting’ from Out of Line Music, which is a 10-track album that sounds like an 80’s inspired, dazzling electro-pop masterpiece that vocalist Bradley Scott and guitarist ER White’s fans have been begging for!

It must be a dream come true as Emarosa dug really deep within themselves to bring out the best of what they have to offer in this new musical masterpiece that blends the epic 80’s grooves together with powerful vocals and captivating lyrical content that leaves you completely enchanted and happy at the same time.

Every album we outdo ourselves. Sting is no exception. No reservations, no holds barred, this record is unapologetic & defiantly confident.”– Bradley Scott, Vocalist of Emarosa

Three years after the release of their top-hitting album Peach Club, Emarosa has worked hard to ensure that their next project propels them to the next level – reminding their loyal audience that they are back with something bigger and better that combines the influences of pop, synth-wave, alternative plus the 80’s sounds.

Songs like Preach, Stay, Attention and Forgiveness truly show off Emarosa’s strengths in telling meaningful stories while keeping true to their known style while at the same time blending a completely new experience they have managed to bring to life after staying off the grid for a while.

With their indisputable talent to create shining pop melodies, Emarosa hasn’t forgotten about their past and they show it so well in one of their tracks “Preach”, which is a culmination of the band’s experiences over the last three years since their previous release. They also still have what it takes to produce dance-worthy tracks like “Stay” including “Attention”, a track that flaunts the band’s ability to write grandiose 80’s inspired pop melodies with buttery smooth vocals and an

unforgettable hook that slowly builds to a gospel-choir finale.

If you’re a big fan of LANY, Neon Trees, Nightly, The 1975, and Glass Animals, then you’re in for a treat as Emarosa embodies a little something of each and does it so well given Bradley Scott’s vocal talent that makes the album a worthy listen.

Honestly, the Sting album isn’t something a hard rock fan would really dive into given its different take on the alternative scene but it surely plays to its strength when it comes to bringing forth that 80’s electro-pop some fans have been missing. Emarosa’s return to the music scene reawakens a sleeping giant this industry is in dire need of.

If you think you know Emarosa – think again, Sting changes all that!

When asked about how the group felt when they finally knew it was time to release their next masterpiece, this is what they had to say: “Relieved. We’ve been sitting on the album for what feels like over a year. This was intentionally the slowest rollout for an album we’ve ever done and while we loved releasing single after single for months. It’s time for people to hear this record.” – vocalist Bradley Scott

Having collaborated for nearly a decade, Bradley Scott (vocals) and ER White (guitar) have transformed and energetically renewed the group’s vision musically having shifted from the hard rock scene to becoming leaders within the alternative world with their catchy, dreamy and wildly successful breakthrough album “Peach Club” in 2019, which soared to claim a top spot on the U.S. Billboard charts upon release and warranted a completely sold out nation-wide tour.

Emarosa isn’t slowing down, and the group is back stronger and sharper than ever before with their 80’s inspired modern glittery pop tracks and simply amazing electro-pop sound that puts them back on the map.


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