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Dreventy Releases His Long Awaited Debut EP “Blue Detail”

Fast-rising melodic pop artist Dreventy (born Derrick Talemwa) surprised his fans today with the release of his long-awaited debut EP “Blue Detail,” a project that has taken nearly 5 years to reach form according to the artist.

The 5 track EP, which has been released on various DSPs serves as a testament to the artist’s continuous drive to deliver nothing but good content. Dreventy has gradually carved out a unique space for himself in the global music scene and is undoubtedly set to become one of the leaders of the new school pack of artists doing things differently.

Dreventy is popularly known for his R&B pop-style music which some describe as being deeply rooted in meaningful messages and a self-conscious vibe while maintaining a fun-loving listening experience.

The artist shared his excitement about the release of the EP via Twitter saying: “Took 5 years to reach this form. Happy to announce that my debut EP “Blue Detail” will be out March 11th. You ready?”

The project is preceded by tracks ‘5 Ways’ and the Maerco assisted remix for his maiden single ‘I Won’t Forget’ which were released last year. Having three solid singles already under his belt, Dreventy is definitely making moves and his debut EP shares a deeper meaning to that.

Blue Detail tracklisting

Dreventy Releases His Long Awaited Debut EP "Blue Detail" - Newslibre

  1. Check On Me
  2. I Love the Dark
  3. Going Nowhere
  4. Grand Pa
  5. Hopeless


Who is Dreventy?

Dreventy is a multi-diverse artist/songwriter, and performer. He carries with him a fizzling, unique, irresistible and steely work ethic which has gradually enabled him to make an impact in both the global music scene and locally while taking a different approach to things.

He made his first debut in 2018 with his tear-soaked single ‘I Won’t Forget‘, and later collaborated with Electronic Dance Music talent Maerco for a remix in 2021. In the same year, he began uploading covers to Soundcloud of popular titles like the Black Panther soundtrack “Pray For Me” by The Weeknd & Kendrick Lamar, and Sam Smith’s ‘Too Good At Goodbyes”, among others.

His cover of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect” earned him recognition as one of Soundcity’s 11 Underground Talented Rising Stars To Hear, that same year.

Dreventy’s sound and style are original, unique and he labels his genre of music as “Tale-pop” pronounced Tally-Pop (a mix of pop and his storytelling techniques). It is heavily inspired by Giveon, Doja Cat, Zayn Malik, Christina Perri, Chris Brown, Christina Perri, Trey Songz, and many more artists that have shaped his approach to music.

Over the years, Dreventy has continued to garner an ever-growing audience with each release hence re-affirming himself as one of the most important artistic voices for our time.

You can stream Dreventy’s Blue Detail EP today right here.


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