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Detachment Release Modern Hardcore Debut Album “Lack”

A few weeks ago, independent hardcore band Detachment released their long-awaited debut album “Lack.” Lack is jam-packed with visceral energy and a roller coaster of emotions balanced with ebbs and flows of intertwining shoegaze, emo, and heavy metal influences galore. Amidst the wide-spanning tracklist are the two standout singles, “Slug” and “BackBreaker,” which the band premiered music videos for earlier this year.

“This record encapsulates the good, the bad, and the ugly of life as a musician in a band. From the fast-paced punk aesthetic of Basement Days to the punishing beatdowns of The Cluster, Lack is about keeping your head up through it all and sticking to your guns, no matter what life throws at you.” – Detachment

Detachment – “Lack” Tracklist

1. Slug
2. BackBreaker
3. Nu Light
4. Basement Days
5. Interlude II
6. Festival of Rats
7. The Cluster
8. Choke(d)
9. Jameson Fog
10. Medusa Oblongata

Forming in 2018 on Long Island NY, the quintet Detachment has been working feverishly to carve out their own niche in the hardcore scene. From releasing their ferocious single, Slug, in November of 2021 and their eclectic follow-up “BackBreaker” the following April, the group has officially perfected their distinctively crushing and melodic sound with their debut full-length entitled, “Lack.”

The album takes you on a visceral journey of many sounds and emotions. Detachment consists of vocalist Robert Folan, Roberto Rivera, and Nick Montalvo on guitars, Morgan Blanco on bass, and Ben Wyrick on drums.


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