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Cowboy Destroy Share Their Breakup Hardships In New Single “Dirty”

Cowboy Destroy’s new single “Dirty” is now available on all streaming platforms. “Dirty” is a dark and grungy track that describes the hardships of a breakup between friends, which can be as equally painful as a breakup between lovers.

The track talks about how dirty a breakup can leave you feeling, no matter how clean and civil the relationship can end. “Dirty” has a slow groove, with riffs and drums that make you feel that feeling of confusion and wallow a breakup leaves you with.

“It might take a couple of scrubs to get clean after any breakup, but it’s time to drain this grungy bathwater. Now, let’s break these filthy guitars.” – Cowboy Destroy

Cowboy Destroy is originally from Texas but resides in Los Angeles. The band tells folk stories with garage grooves and lofi in-your-face growl. They call it Slop Pop. Saddle up for powerful vocals and a mix of 90s vibes. Are you ready for jokes with a dash of darkness? Then ride shotgun on this psychedelic trip of queer empowering garage rock, specializing in songs about sex, drugs, and broken hearts. We love fuzz so much. As children we snuggled teddy bears, now we snuggle big muffs if you know what we mean.

Cowboy Destroy will be playing Silverlake Lounge in L.A on June 5, 2022. You can get tickets at the door. Stay up to date with Cowboy Destroy by following them on Instagram.


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