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Audiomack Announces Launch of Swahili Podcast

Audiomack presents the Swahili Radio podcast, a new show highlighting the musical talents hailing from East Africa. Hosted by certified on-air personality Lil Ommy, also known as the King of Interviews, Swahili Radio will feature live performances, exclusive interviews with the country’s hottest musicians, and much more.

In Audiomack’s commitment to promote African artists and music, the streaming company has announced a podcast that will feature artists from the East African communities.

Recently the American music streaming company partnered with Ziiki Media to promote African artists and take their craft to new markets on the global scale and with the new product launch by the company, there will be growth for the music industry on the continent of Africa.

Swahili Radio is the latest move in Audiomack’s commitment to promoting African artists and culture. It arrives on the heels of Audiomack’s April deal with MTN Nigeria to bring music streaming to more than 76 million subscribers at a zero data cost, and a partnership with entertainment provider Ziiki Media earlier this month to grow artists’ presence across East and South Africa.

Audiomack Announces Launch of Swahili Podcast - Newslibre
Ugandan artists like Sheebah Karungi will benefit from the Audiomack Swahili podcast. (Image Credit: Mbu)

The arrangement with Ziiki gives artists the opportunity to amplify their music through advertising campaigns such as posters, billboards, bus branding and live event activations.

“At Audiomack, we constantly work to identify challenges that exist in the music industry and pull our resources to overcome these challenges,” Audiomack Africa head of business development and media partnerships Charlotte Bwana said about the Ziiki partnership.

“We recognise the need for artists to reach existing and potential fans within their region and beyond through impactful marketing tactics, making this initiative a good step in the right direction. With this partnership, we aim to support the growth of the African music industry and we look forward to spearheading similar initiatives that propel the region’s music ecosystem.”

The Podcast episodes will be premiered every Monday. Check it here on this channel.

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