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Movies and Series That Topped the 2022 US Streaming Charts

As last year drew to a close, streaming services surely got a lot of love and it was with no surprise that some movies and TV series became instant hits towards the end of 2022 landing them on the top 10 list of most streamed titles in the United States.

2022 was also a surprising year as we got to see streaming services like Showmax put up a good fight against big players like Netflix in the South African market share. The streaming wars got so hot that Netflix suffered a decline during the year that saw its numbers drop due to a number of factors and decisions in some regions.

Last year saw a drastic shift in the streaming OTT (Over the Top) services, with major players like Netflix feeling the heat as rivals Apple TV+, Disney+, and HBO Max including others took a bite of the market share which led to Netflix losing a 2% market share in Q2.

However, with 2022 behind us, here are some interesting statistics shared by JustWatch showing the most streamed movies and TV series for the year ended. Of course, some of the popular streamed titles came as no surprise given the serious attention they received via social platforms such as Wednesday, which turned out to be an instant fan favourite in 2022.

There was lots of competition last year, however, the most-streamed movies of 2022 included the blockbuster hit “Top Gun: Maverick” and DC’s “The Batman”. The top streamed shows, on the other hand, are “House of the Dragon,” which was a new favourite and Netflix’s record holder “Stranger Things”. “Wednesday” also became a fan-favourite, landing the 4th spot in the country after its release in November.

The top most-streamed movies and TV series of 2022

As things stand right now, Netflix is fighting all fronts as users slowly chip away at the competition gladly welcoming those who are looking for something else to quench their appetites. With each streaming platform offering its own features and benefits, users have free reign to pick whatever works best for them.

Content also plays a major role in determining this and Showmax last year proved that its localisation strategy and focus on offering local content had given it an advantage over other platforms. The next coming months of 2023 will determine the outlook of the streaming market but we don’t expect the number of streamers to go down anytime soon.


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Movies and Series That Topped the 2022 US Streaming Charts 1

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