Romance is a bonus book review.

Review: Romance is a Bonus Book

If you watched “While you are sleeping”, “Black” you’d probably have seen some familiar faces like, Lee Jong-Suk from and Kim Tae-Woo from (the Legendary Grim Reaper)”.

I remember the first time I watched Lee Jong-Suk in a K-Drama that is “W (Two Worlds).” I practically fell in love with the performance. He is brilliant and very funny to watch in whatever drama he is cast in.

Like the title says, Romance Is A Bonus Book, shouldn’t deter you from watching this amazing Korean drama as the show has more to offer than meets the eye.

What makes Romance Is A Bonus Book stand out?

Romance is a bonus book review.

In every K-drama, there is always that singular spark that makes a show worth watching. It can either be the characters, action or the story that drives it but with Romance Is A Bonus Book, its definitely the characters.

Lee Na-Young (Kang Dan-Yi)

Being that it’s my first time seeing Dan-Yi in a Korean drama, I was more than impressed by her performance. The character she plays in this cool TV show left me a little speechless and stargazed.

Kang Dan-yi plays the role of a was once a popular copywriter who lands a job at a publication company after lying about her education background. With constant fear and always looking over her shoulders, she endeavours to make a mark in this company and this is not something she is willing to let go easily.

Lee Jong-Suk (Cha Eun-Ho)

Lee Jong-Suk takes the role of “Cha Eun-Ho”, a young genius writer and the youngest Chief Editor at his publication company. He is very handsome and tough at work but also very kind hearted.

Yes, normally I would go with the second male lead or second female leads in a Korean Drama but then again, I would be lying if I said Lee Jong-Suk’s character as Cha Eun-ho wasn’t as entertaining since it’s the biggest selling point about this drama.

Review: Romance is a Bonus Book 1
Lee Na-Young and Lee Jong-Suk gave the series a fresh breath of air.

Kim Tae-Woo (Kim Jae-Min)

Kim Tae-Woo’s character Kim Jae-Min really gave the drama a feel of enthusiastic energy it needed to make it fully complete. Many of you might or not have seen a show called “Black” where Kim Tae-woo portrayed a legendary grim reaper (Soul collector).

He always has this massive energy and vibe towards his characters which changes the whole environment. Kim Jae-min, plays the overly energetic Chief Executive Officer of the Publication Company and a close friend to Cha Eun-Ho.

Kim Tae-Woo
Kim Tae-Woo famously known for his role as a legendary grim reaper in Soul collector.

He is a secret keeper and a friend. While I watched this drama, I realised that I needed to look deeper into Kim Jae-min (still overly excited here).

In my opinion, if you really enjoy a brilliant office setting with a comedy feel to a show, then you are reading the right review.

Usually I watch K-Drama for intrigue and the interests it provides in my life but this is definitely something that will get you hooked, crack a few ribs and you will still enjoy every moment of it.

Director: Lee Jung-Hyo
Writer: Jung Hyun-Jung
Cast: Lee Na-Young, Lee Jong-Suk, Kim Jae-Woo
Producers: Hwang Jee-Woo
Companies: Story & Pictures Media
Airing Dates: January 29th – March 17th 2019
Newslibre Rating: 8/10
Genres: Comedy/Drama


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