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All-Time Prime Movies to Watch and Re-Watch In 2020

What makes a movie truly premier? Is it only about the prose? Maybe the plot? Or scriptwriting?? Just the cinematography?? The answer is “No”. Whether you watch movies for fun, or you want to change your point of view on people or issues we come across time to time, you’ll agree that a good movie is also made up of good characters, a relatable theme, a much simpler plot, and pays attention to detail.

If you’re looking to watch one of those kinds, I got you covered. Today, we are going to list some of the top all-time prime movies you should definitely watch this year and here they’re;

10 Movies You Should Watch and Re-watch This Year

10. The True History Of The Kelly Gang (Fiction — 2019)

Whether you love taking trips down memory lane or are just feeling nostalgic lately, this Justin Kurzel’s fictionalized narrative of the life of Australian filibuster, Ned Kelly and his gang is the one to watch as they flee from authorities back in 1870.


9. Kajillionaire (Crime, comedy, and drama – 2020)

Dolio (played by Evan Rachel) has a hooked relationship with her parents. Con parents, might I add. They see her as a partner-in-crime rather than a daughter.

In the aftermath of an earthquake, Dolio thinks she is dead, or rather, near dead, so she confesses the crew’s motive to Gina Rodriguez, a newly signed partner. Contrary to Dolio’s expectation, Gina decides to be motherly to Dolio to accomplish many childhood activities that were deemed impossible with her parents.


8. Greyhound (Action — 2020)

The Greyhound, a Navy destroyer along with The Harry, The Eagle and, The Dicky are all part of Convoy HX-25 escorts. When the convoy enters the “black pit”, the Greyhound under the captaincy of Ernest Krause goes beyond its limits as it takes on several U-boat kills.

Who’s to know whether Captain Ernest returns victorious?? Only one way to find out. Greyhound is an American war film directed by Aaron Schneider and starring Tom Hanks, who also wrote the screenplay.


7. 365 Days (Erotic, romantic, drama — 2020)

I’d mention this is almost an 18+ plus movie, but that’s not the reason I wrote this article. From leading a crime family after his father’s death to fighting rival crime families, Massimo Torricelli feels the urge to confess his love to Laura Biel. But he can’t square up to her head-on, neither can he let her out of his grip.

He kidnaps her and intends to keep her as a prisoner for 365 days. All the while, Laura never once leaves his sight — maybe because she was a prisoner. Nevertheless, just beware, this could turn into your favourite “Ride-or-Die chick” kind of movie.


6. Fourteen (Drama — 2019)

Mara and Jo are two childhood friends whose source of joy is each other. Mara is an ambitious writer and currently works as a teacher’s aid while Jo is a social worker. When Jo is in a crisis, she calls on Mara for comfort — it’s kind of her job (Mara). But when she finds herself in a web of depression and drugs after she’s fired from her job, their relationship shifts over time as Mara finds her footing, and Jo loses balance.

Fourteen is an indie drama that has been picking up rave reviews at festivals for a while. It is the latest film made by American indie filmmaker Dan Sallitt, and it premiered at the Berlin Film Festival last year before playing all over the world.


5. The Old Guard (Action, Fantasy – 2020)

Yeah, this new kind of superhero movie is worth a watch or two. Even more. Embark on an epic journey of centuries-old IMMORTAL warriors who use their body healing abilities to help people.

When they’re hired by an ex- CIA operative, Copley, they’re allured into a trap mission to rescue abducted kids in South Sudan. But what happens to them after Copley hands footage of their regeneration powers over to a pharmaceutical executive, Steven Merrick is a story if bloodshed you would really want to watch unravel.


4. Sputnik (Horror, Sci-Fi — 2020)

If you’re one for daunting and terrifying movies, this Russian spookiness will take you back to 1983, where a young doctor, Tatiana is recruited to examine Konstantin, an astronaut who returned to earth with an alien inside his body.

She later discovers disturbing truths about the parasite that lead her to confront her recruiter. Her recruiter, however, discloses to her that she was actually hired to find a way to turn the alien into a weapon they’d control. She agrees but later does the exact opposite because she had grown to care about Konstantin.


3. Bad Boys For Life (Action — 2020)

For y’all that have watched Bad Boys II, this is for you. Armando has been ordered to kill Detective Mike Lowrey as per his mother, Isabel Aretas’ order. Meanwhile, Mike and his retired partner, Marcus, work with a tech team to take them down as part of vengeance for their attempt (failed attempt) to end his and Marcus’ life.


2. Justice League Dark: Apokolips War (Superhero, Thriller — 2020)

Whether you stan Comics or not, you’ll not think twice before watching DC’s Apokolips War. Darkseid and his armies have conquered numerous worlds, but never Earth. When the Justice League brings the fight down to him in Apokolips, they are attacked by Paradooms — lackeys with Parademon and Doomsday DNA.

Meanwhile, his (Darkseid) forces dive into earth and overpower the teen titans that had remained as a defence. But when he conquers earth, will the JL make it back in time to make it the habitable place it once was?


1. Extraction (Action — 2020)

Tyler Rake is an illicit mercenary recruited to rescue Ovi, son of an Indian drug dealer, from Dhaka, where he was abducted by his father’s rival drug dealer, Amir. Will his captors have the upper hand over his life? Or can the new mercenary hold his own in the fight to make a safe escape out of the locked-down city?

Extraction is a pretty good movie and is a sign of what Netflix is willing to do to dominate the stream wars as it was one of their most-watched titles this year during the lockdown.

The action-thriller film stars Chris Hemsworth and was directed by Sam Hargrave (in his feature directorial debut) and written by Joe Russo, based on the graphic novel Ciudad by Ande Parks, Joe Russo, Anthony Russo, Fernando León González, and Eric Skillman.


And that brings you and me to the end of this article. I hope you have a great time with the amazing plots these movies have to offer. Not to mention the characters. Is there a film you feel deserves a mention on this list? Well, don’t be shy. Let us know through the comments with your reason why it needs to be on the spot.


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