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Yes, I’ve Said It. Shoot Me!

I might come off as a very different person after you read this, and I want you to know that I mean all of it. Every damn word. But some of you might agree with me and continue to fall in love with me.

So, here’s this thing called money. Let’s talk about it. I like to believe that money is everything. Yes, I’ve said it. Argue and fight all you want. Look at it this way before you go running your mouth about how I don’t know what I’m saying.

Would you rather be broke as hell, but knowing you’re with your true love and maybe as you might like to call it “happy” or rich, but not exactly with the love of your life and also when life gives you sh*t you can go on vacation and chill out.

Because let’s face it, rich or poor life is going to give you shit. It doesn’t care. So, would you rather face life’s problems when you are rich or broke as hell? It’s your call because life is always filled with hurdles left and right.

Yes I’ve Said It. Shoot Me! - Newslibre

The thing with being rich whilst you go through life’s trials is that at the back of your mind you know there is money on your account. But if you are broke, you are going through life’s trails and you got nothing but happiness. Let’s face it, yes there’s happiness without money, but the happiness with money is true happiness.

I know some of you want to badly agree with me, but you can’t because you are noble and also you were raised well and all and your folks taught you that money isn’t everything. Especially if you are African.

We have got this imparted in our heads that money is the “root of all evil”, but that entirely is up to you. It comes down to what you do to get the money because if I wake up and put in the work, there’s no way you are going to convince me that money is evil.

So, this whole idea about money being evil was put in us to prevent us from getting greedy and learn to be happy with what our folks gave us, but we are past that now. Right now, we are supposed to get money. Our own money.

You see where the world is headed, the rich people are noble take for example Oprah Winfrey. She’s has built her own empire, but does this make her evil? I don’t think so. She put in the work and time so, don’t console your lack of hard work as nobility.

And also let me put this out there. Too much money is not enough money. I repeat, ‘too much money is not enough money!’

Yes I’ve Said It. Shoot Me! - Newslibre

What I’m trying to say is don’t get comfortable where you are because you think you have small moneys. News flash: money gets done! So, the hustle might not be exactly the same as when you started out, but let it still be a hustle. Don’t assume you’ve made it until you reach a point where you don’t admire anything because you know if you wanted it, it could be yours.

One other thing, don’t be scared of showing it off. You worked hard and spent sleepless nights chasing that paper. So, go ahead and spoil your damn self. Buy that expensive car or building. Do what you got to do to make yourself happy. People are always going to talk, I tell you. They will! So, as long as you are happy, that’s all that matters. Don’t hold back!

This one is for the ladies. Some men still think women these days only want money and expensive gifts. So, I suggest you build your career and chase your dreams and wait to see what kind of men you’ll attract.

The ones that will approach you will be those willing to build a future with you and not those other unserious men who think all we want is their money. I am not going to lie, a relationship without money sucks.

Imagine a relationship where you don’t go on fancy dates, your man doesn’t get you nice gifts or you can’t take him for a vacation to some place nice and spoil him with cute things. I don’t even want to think about it.

For the guys, this isn’t entirely what you should do, but let me just put it out there. If you can’t afford a relationship right now, I suggest you don’t get into one and make the girl feel bad because she can’t ask you for anything since, you’ll tell her how she’s all about the money.

I know there’s true love of building yourselves and all and believe me I am happy for you, but if that’s not the case. Let the whole relationship thing go. It’s not a compulsory class that you must take. We know it’s the truth, but we are still in denial. Let’s snap out of it.

Yes I’ve Said It. Shoot Me! - Newslibre

Bottom line, guys let’s work hard and not feel sorry for ourselves because at the end of the day we would rather have the money. If you’ve read this and you agree with some of it or all of it, you my friend are destined for great things because it takes a lot to actually accept that money is everything.

At least I am sure of where the world is headed and you are not going to be recognized by your name, but by your net worth. You really don’t want to be the relative or friend who people are afraid of picking calls from because they worry you might be asking for money.

This isn’t supposed to make you greedy, but help you re-establish your philosophies and set your priorities right. I’m sorry if this post didn’t make you feel that way.

Please do not argue with me. My mind is made up as you can see. Don’t for a second think there’s anything you can say that will change what I just said. I promise, I could go on and on with this money thing, but I feel like my point has been made.

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Author: Vanessa Kunihira

Vanessa loves writing about life experiences and bringing different tough opinions to light with her sense of humour. She is a guest writer for Newslibre and also has own blogblog.


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