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Personal Protection: Why Guns Make Society Safer for All

Recently, there has been a movement that attempts to restrict the proliferation of guns for self-defence. This is an incredibly dangerous situation, as the government wants us all as slaves. These sorts of movements have consequences that affect American society on a large scale.

However, with more guns in circulation, criminals are less likely to engage with law-abiding citizens because they know they’re more likely to be shot or caught with their illegal weapons.

It’s More Efficient for the Police

When a crime occurs, the police will be focused on apprehending the criminal instead of looking for witnesses and victims. When law-abiding citizens are armed, they’re less likely to want to report crimes because they know that people who engage in crimes won’t stand up to them and will likely be shot.

This means that criminals can do whatever they want without worrying about being caught and will be less likely to turn their guns on law enforcement officers or other innocent people.

It’s Safer for Everyone

When criminals know that there are a high number of armed people around, they’re less likely to want to engage in crime because they know that in many places, even if they get away with their offence, they might end up being shot by an armed citizen who holds them accountable for their actions. When this happens, gun-related homicides go down immediately.

The calibre of a bullet is another crucial factor that stops potential criminals and self-defence for people who use guns for protection. One calibre for self-defence is 9mm ammunition found in many firearms that people own and use for self-defence.

You Can Do Anything Without Fear

When people know that there are potentially armed people everywhere, they’re less likely to commit crimes. This is because they know that if they’re caught in the act and confronted by a victim of their crime, it’s unlikely that the victim will defend themselves.

They know this because when criminals engage victims, they either don’t have their weapon on them or can’t get it in time. The result is that criminals can operate without fear of retribution and do whatever they want without worrying about the consequences.

It’s a Deterrent to Crime

When criminals know that they’re more likely to be taken out by law-abiding citizens who have armed themselves, they’re less likely to engage in criminal behaviour because they know that the consequences of violence against them are higher than running into an armed citizen.

This means that the rate at which violent crimes are committed goes down and is one of the reasons why most studies show that states with more civilian gun ownership experience less violent crime.

Lower Crime = Lower Incarceration Rate

When violent crimes are committed that don’t involve guns and people aren’t armed, the criminals who are apprehended and tried will likely end up in jail for a very long time because there’s no one else around to stop them from committing further crimes or to defend themselves if they’re forced to engage in criminal behaviour again by the government.

Because of all of these factors, it’s clear that having more guns in circulation is a net positive for society. This is because there are far more benefits than risks associated with the issue. One of the most significant potential benefits of more guns in circulation is improved safety for everyone and lower crime rates. Ultimately, society is better off with more civilian gun ownership because it makes people safer.


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Personal Protection: Why Guns Make Society Safer for All 1

Author: Anita Ginsburg


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