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If Uganda’s Radio Station Slogans Were Honest

We all listen to the radio at some point in the day, either intentionally or otherwise. Whether you use public transport or you travel in an air-conditioned SUV with tinted windows, it is almost compulsory to listen to radio during your day.

The radio station you listen to, however, is dependent on you and your taste. If you are a Kampala dweller and your preference is the secular English speaking radio stations, you most likely listen to one of these; Sanyu FM, Capital FM, KFM, XFM, Radio City and Radio One.

The one thing that these stations put out every day besides music is their slogans. They will repeat the slogans every hour just so they stick. However, sometimes their slogans, which are meant to describe their style in a sentence can be distant from the actual content.

As an avid radio listener, the creative in me thought of alternative slogans that better describe what these stations are about. You might or not agree with me.

If radio station slogans were honest, here’s what they would mean

1. Sanyu FM

This is the oldest FM station in Uganda so, it had to be first. Its slogan is “Today’s best music”. This pretty much sums up what you can expect from the station.

I put emphasis on the word ‘Today’s’ because this station has such a sharp eye for new music which they drop regularly that their slogan should be “Get Shazam Ready” because you will need it every day to identify the new music they play.

2. Capital FM

These guys will rub the slogan, ‘fresh hits for Uganda’ in your face in a polite and soothing manner. Capital FM has a very wide coverage in the country and while that is a good thing, their slogan can sometimes be contrary to the kind of music they play.

Listen to this station for at least a week and you will agree with me that their slogan should be “Fresh hits from 5 years ago.” Not to say that they don’t play the contemporary music, they do, but its mixed in a cocktail of yester-year’s sound.

3. K FM

The better information and best music station. This is very true of K FM, their information is timely, detailed and relate-able. Their mix of music appeals to a far-reaching audience of both the young and the old.

It is hard to come up with an alternative slogan for these guys. This is by far the slogan that is closest to the brand it represents though from my perspective, “best music” is pushing it a bit too far

4. X FM

The station that was once Vision voice, re-branded several years ago and brought freshness to the airwaves when it became the powerhouse we know it today.

They went by the slogan, ‘today’s hit music’ which is exactly what they gave, the slogan is still the same but something has changed and now if we are being honest, this station should change its slogan to “We are the 24 hour party station”

5. Radio City (97 FM)

The station that loves life and music. Radio City is for the happy go lucky person because there is not a point during the day when it will not give you a good and happy vibe.

Whoever makes their playlist must have found the fountain of happiness and drunk from it. The end result is a play list designed to make you dance. The dance theme is so strong with this station that their slogan should be, “Do you like to dance? So do we.”

6. Radio One (FM 90)

The station of great songs and great memories. It has picked out its niche of listeners and music from the golden age of the 20th century. Much as their slogan appears to be a perfect depiction of their kind of programming, to me, they are more suited using the slogan, “This one is for your parents” because no matter how old you are, your parents will surely enjoy Radio One more than you do.


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