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Why You Should Own a Pair of Heels

In this new era, a lady that does not own a pair of heels is as good as the women that lived in the era where Amin made you chew on your own slippers.

It is way more oppressing considering the fact that the ladies in that generation still wore heels. Here is how you know you need heels.

This is a time where slay queens are on an increase. You do not want to go out with your friends when you are the only “there-there” person everyone is looking at.

Nothing looks sexier than a pair of jeans coupled with a strapped open pair of heels. A long or short skirt or dress will exhibit the old saying of “dressed to kill” if worn with a pair of heels.

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Why You Should Own a Pair of Heels | Newslibre.com
Take your slay queen status to another level with some good jeans and heels. – Newslibre (Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels.com)

You know what the amazing thing is, it does not matter what the color is. Any color will suit your jeans, skirts or dresses. But as the “not fashion impaired” person you are, you need to make these things match in the correct fashion sense.

Much as the big heels had been considered out of fashion, hey it is back and it is the most trending. It can be worn with anything. You only need to stay woke when pairing up.

What kills the vibe is when one doesn’t have nice toe nails. This is when a pedicure comes in handy. If you incorporate all that has been talked and said, you will live a happy heel life!

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