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Understanding Self Love And Why It Is A Good Thing For You

Are you treating yourself well? Do you know how to feel self love? Do you consider yourself successful? Do you accept yourself with all your shortcomings? If your answer is no, then we will tell you how to find self-love and be happy.

Self love is a source of kindness and respect. If you lack these feelings, your love relationship may become vulnerable or is built on abuse. If you do not love yourself, you will not love your sweet partner because you will strive for only one thing – to be loved yourself.

The love of another person can never make up for our lack of self-love. You cannot hide your fear and anxiety under the cover of someone’s love. When people do not love themselves, they crave absolute, unconditional love and demand from a partner to show them evidence of their feelings.

Do you love the love feeling, but not yourself? Want to feel self-love? How can self love improve your relationship? Let’s take a closer look together.

Do You Know What Self Love Is?

One of the main signs of low self-esteem is constant feelings of guilt. Whatever you do, it seems to you that everything is wrong. This problem often manifests itself in a constant desire to prove something to people around how good you are, how much you can achieve. Many people live with this problem for many years, transferring it to a relationship with a partner.

In addition, there are more obvious signs that you don’t know what self-love is. It is worth considering if you are embarrassed and think about your shortcomings when someone is laughing nearby. Or if you deny compliments (“I’m not smart, I just guessed it”), try to make excuses for looking good (“In fact, this new dress makes me slim”), give others the benefits that rightfully belong to you (“I would never have done it without help”).

Why do we often don’t love ourselves? Because we are far from perfect. However, we forget that the others are also imperfect, and the ideal does not exist. Of course, endless promotion of eternal youth and beauty, admiration for appearance can change the view of oneself.

As a result, we tend to exaggerate the slightest physical defect or a flaw in appearance. And we begin to think that these flaws make us fail to be happy and successful.

How to Feel Self Love?

Here is a simple self-love recipe. First, change your old habits and reactions to new ones. When you are being praised, think that you look great or deserve those words with your actions.

Stop criticizing yourself. We are all human, and this makes us vulnerable. We must value our individuality and everything that makes us different from other people.

How to experience self-love? Learn to praise yourself. Start small: just tell yourself that you are great. And repeat this whenever you, for example, look in the mirror.

Understanding Self Love And Why It Is A Good Thing For You - Newslibre
Self-love is really important and should be taken seriously. Photo by Nitish Meena/Unsplash

By the way, psychologists recommend exercises with a mirror to increase self-esteem. It is very simple but effective. Compliment your reflection and listen to your inner voice – the way you react to certain words, the way your mood improves.

Starting to work with a mirror, many people do not “hear” anything in response, but over time, the inner voice responds with a thought full of love.

Finally, love yourself right now, don’t wait to be perfect. Dissatisfaction with yourself is just a habit. If you can be happy with yourself, accept and love yourself, then you can accept other people and their love. As a result, your relationship only becomes brighter and stronger.


Self-love and real care are also about the interests of others since it is important for a healthy person to make people feel good. And most importantly, self-love helps us satisfy our deepest needs for love, understanding, acceptance of ourselves and our partner.

Develop self-love and be happy in harmony with yourself! How do you give yourself self-love? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!


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