Why Off-Gassing Your Furniture Is Important

Why Off-Gassing Your Furniture Is Important

The materials and substances your manufacturing team uses to make furniture affect more than just the quality of your final product. How you manufacture your furniture greatly influences the end user. If your products contain industrial-grade sealants, paints, varnishes, and various synthetics, your furniture can expose your clients to off-gases—toxic chemical vapours.

If you can’t avoid the use of such substances and chemicals, off-gassing your furniture can prevent related health risks. Discover the importance of off-gassing furniture to enhance the quality and safety of your products.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Furniture, particularly pieces made from synthetic materials, often contains volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that steadily off-gas into the air. Inhaling vaporized VOCs can cause a myriad of health issues, such as headaches, allergic reactions, or respiratory problems.

Off-gassing furniture before putting it on the market forces out the VOCs in a controlled environment rather than the homes or stores of your clients. Off-gassing reduces through the years as the chemicals dissipate; in some cases, furniture can finish off-gassing in a year, leaving clients with a VOC-free product.

Indoor Air Quality

Off-gassing your furniture is essential for maintaining healthy indoor air quality. As synthetic materials off-gas, the released VOCs pollute the surrounding air. Manufacturing sites have the resources and ability to create a controlled and well-ventilated space to let furniture off-gas without detrimenting the air quality. Off-gassing your manufactured furniture improves indoor air quality for your clients.

Environmental Impact

VOCs can also pollute outdoor air and cause environmental damage. The toxic airborne particulates can affect the health and well-being of animals, plants, and essential ecosystems. High VOC content in the environment is a huge player in global warming, as large particles can trap heat that should have escaped the atmosphere.

You can responsibly off-gas your products in a controlled, ventilated space without harming humans or the environment. VOC sensors can help you monitor and track your off-gassing process and let you know when your furniture is ready for release.

Off-gassing your furniture is important because the toxic chemicals released negatively affect everything and everyone they come into contact with. Toxic-free furniture keeps everyone safe and happy and increases the appeal and value of your products.


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