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What to Expect When Having Artificial Grass Installed

The benefits of an artificial lawn are many. It always has the look of robust health. It is impervious to weeds and pests and needs neither fertilizing, regular watering nor mowing though it needs to be cleaned and rinsed from time to time. Because of this, it frees you from the surprisingly intensive work many people put into keeping their lawns healthy.

Artificial grass is also environmentally friendly and can last between 10 and 20 years, depending on the climate and how much traffic it gets.

First, Choose the Grass

As with real grass, the artificial grass you choose depends on the makeup of your household and whether you intend to regularly use your lawn for sports and recreation. Things to keep in mind when choosing artificial grass are its blade height, face weight, its colour, and what it’s made of.

The face weight is the weight of the blades and thatch of one square yard of artificial turf. The higher the face weight, the tougher the turf. Face weights of between 50 and 80 ounces a square yard is adequate for most residential lawns, and many landscapers claim that 20 to 30 millimetres is the ideal height of the blade. This height gives the impression of a lawn that’s been freshly mown.

As for colour, you can choose from hundreds of shades and not just shades of grass green. People have installed artificial turf that’s pink, blue, purple, grey, red, or lemon yellow. Artificial grass can be made from nylon, polyethene, or polypropene, with nylon being considered the toughest.

Steps to Installing Artificial Turf

Artificial grass installation in Chattanooga requires several steps. First, you’ll choose the area where you want to lay down the artificial grass. According to experts such as NexGen Lawns, you can calculate this by multiplying the width of your area by the length to find the square footage. Then, the existing grass is removed. This can be done with a spade though a sod-cutting machine makes the work easier and quicker. The area needs to be level and may require the use of the builder’s sand to make it so.

When the ground is level, the landscaper installs a weed barrier to prevent the toughest weeds from poking up through the turf. Finally, the artificial grass is rolled out and carefully trimmed so that the pieces do not overlap. When this is accomplished, the landscaper applies jointing tape beneath the edges of the rolls of turf where they meet.

The turf is then secured with lawn spikes driven in at 4-foot intervals. The nailheads are hidden beneath the blades of artificial grass. Finally, the landscaper brushes the lawn to give the blades a more natural look and may hose it down to wash away debris and sand.

You’ll Need to Stay Off the Area For a While

Though the installation process should only take a few days, during that time you’ll need to stay off the area that’s being serviced. That also means you’ll need to make sure your children, pets, friends, and neighbours stay off the area as well. You will also need to wait at least 24 hours before you walk on your lawn. This allows the jointing tape to set. If it is very inconvenient for you and others to stay off of your lawn, you can ask that the landscaper lay it down in sections over time.

Be Prepared For Some Mess

Removing the old grass can be a bit messy and kick up a lot of dust and dirt, especially if the ground is hard and dry. If the ground is very dry, the landscaper may wet it first to make t easier to work. The grass is then removed section by section and either given away to someone who needs sod or properly disposed of. Since the ground has to be level before the installation, the landscaper may add the builder’s sand to any divots and low areas. This can also produce some dust.


The few days it takes to install your lawn will be worth it in the end. You’ll have a lawn that looks green and lush all year round. You’ll also be largely free of the burdens that keep a lawn of live grass looking its best during the growing season and the heartbreak of grass looking like so much straw in the winter.


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