When You Say You Love Me

She says…………………..
                 Dear Mr. Boyfriend,


When you say you love me, show me………..
Hold my hand in front of whomever. Smile at me even when you think I don’t look so good that day and you have no courage to tell me so. Call me at 2:00am to tell me that you were unable to sleep because you had not heard my voice all evening. Make my name your status update on facebook all week, my smile your screen saver and my laugh your  ringtone. Kiss me goodbye even when it makes you mad that I ordered expensive food on our date earlier. Pick me up though I know my way to where we are going. Write me “I love you” chits and slip them in my book if you want to conquer my heart.
When you say you love me, listen to me………..
Do not get tired when I chatter on and on about this new hairstyle a girl wore in
My class or this new pink dress I saw in some shop on my way to your place. I know you probably don’t care but if you hear me out, I won’t have to repeat myself because you missed a detail in my thorough description. Do not force me to do what I find undesirable just because all your friends claim to be going in for it; they could be telling you lies. Listen to the baby within me that yearns to be cuddled, spoilt, and pampered if you want us to last.


When you say you love me, trust me………..
You do not have to question me on who had my number busy the past three hours that you were trying to get through  to me; I could have been having girl-talk with an old girlfriend or a mother-daughter talk perhaps. When other guys stare at me lecherously, it’s because I define beauty which is why you approached me in the first place! So, take it as a compliment, Darling… If you get guys sighing tales of love at my door step, don’t be mad; just thank your stars that you have the desired Diamond in your possession after all.


When you say you love, surprise me………..
You need not apply the same old tricks in the book- Get creative! Thrill me with a compliment I totally didn’t expect and I’ll give you about the sweetest smile I can afford to wear at the time. Get me a gift once in a while maybe? Oh but don’t get me used to gifts if the procession could be tampered with in the future.


When you say you love me, defend me………..
When “your boys” think me too sensitive, controlling and demanding, come to my rescue. Shield me from your ex who finds you way above my standards. Laugh at them who ridicule me for wanting to be under the shelter of your wings all the time if you want to be my Prince Charming.


When you say you love me, make me your priority………..
Though I know you need your space, I would love it if those ‘boy night outs’ that you look forward to so much were totally erased off your schedule. Oh, and those soccer matches that have you glued to the screen drive me crazy! I would rather have you camping in my room and adoringly staring into my big brown eyes, afraid that you would miss me too much when you walked out the door. I have run out of ideas to have you focused on me as much as you do those video games. If I could, I would have your day begin and end with only my name on your lips.


When you say you love me, do not criticize me………..
Agree with me even you think am being unrealistic and immature so that my temperaments are kept under control. Do not argue if I think “Lottery Ticket” sweet and you find it ordinary and girly. Swallow your pride and let me have my way as much as I can. Well, that’s if you want a smooth relationship. Perhaps you find Pink too much in my closet? Just compliment me and like everything I wear. Get used to the fact that I’ll always care about my nails more than I do you.


When you say you love me, give us time to nurture our relationship………..
I hate it when “your boys” tag along when we go out and you have me left out of your conversations, laughing and having fun when clearly am craving your attention. I hate having to deal with your roommate’s small talk whenever I visit you. I want to get rid of that girl you call your best friend whose call you must pick up even in our private time.


When you say you love me, I’ll lovingly reply, “I love you more” not only because am madly in love with you but also because I have chosen you till it all turns sour or sweeter for that matter and we find ourselves exchanging vows at an altar.


                                                                                           Your Girl friend…

Author: Moses Echodu

Moses is a Ugandan writer and blogger. Studied information technology with major interests in Journalism.He is passionate about sports but at times ventures into other fields

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