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What You Should Look for When Boarding Your Dog

There comes a time when a person needs to be away from their dog, whether for a work trip or vacation. However, you want to leave your favourite furry friend in good hands so that they will be safe and comfortable. Here are tips on what you should look for when boarding your dog.

Recommendations and Certifications

Don’t just pick a kennel out of the blue. Ask the people you know, such as friends who own dogs, your dog’s groomer, or their veterinarian, who they recommend boarding your dog with. The people you trust will be able to connect you with people whom they trust.

When you begin looking at kennels, make sure to confirm that they have the proper certifications. If they do not or are evasive when you ask about them, it is a good sign to take your search to another kennel.


When you visit the kennel, look around to see if the owners and workers do a good job keeping it clean. You wouldn’t want to stay in a hotel where workers didn’t clean up after other guests. Your dog’s boarding facility should be just as efficient and effective in cleaning up after the other dogs.


Another thing you should look for when boarding your dog is a kennel that ensures your dog will get enough exercise. That way, they don’t have too much pent-up energy to burn off when you return. Ask what they will do to ensure your dog gets the daily outdoor activity and how they will keep your furry friend safe when playing with other dogs.


When you check into a hotel, you expect to enjoy comfort. Dogs should be able to expect that, too, when they stay at a kennel. During your visit, ensure your dog can sleep on something comfortable instead of a concrete floor and have enough room to move around.

When you look for these traits in a dog kennel, you can better assure yourself that you are leaving your furry friend with a trusted babysitter. Not only will they be safe, but you will be able to relax and better enjoy your trip.


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