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5 Home Improvements That Add Long Term Value You Should Do Today

Home improvement projects can be a great long-term investment. That is if you intend to sell your home soon. Many people believe that drastic changes, such as tearing down walls and redoing the kitchen, are necessary to increase the value of their home.

This, however, is not always the case. If you want to improve your home, the following are five suggestions that will increase its value over time.

5 Key Home Improvement Steps to Take In Order to Increase Value

1. Repair or Install a New Furnace

Not only does your house need repair, but so does your furnace. Regular heating system maintenance and repairs will help it last longer and run more efficiently, resulting in lower energy bills and a lower risk of future problems.

The first thing you should do is clean the air filter once a month. This prevents overheating of the motor. You should also change your filters every year or two based on your home’s usage patterns, especially if you have pets or smokers who contribute to dust buildup.

Next, make sure you’re getting enough heat by having a blower door test performed annually to detect any cracks or leaks in the ductwork that requires a repair. Finally, hose down or vacuum the heat pump to keep it clean.

If none of these fixes the issue, you may need to invest in a new furnace. To get your furnace repaired, search for a furnace repair in Ottawa or your local area and air conditioning contractors can assist you in determining how to assist with your furnace issues.

2. Upgrade Your Roofing System

No matter how well you maintain your roofing system, it will eventually show signs of wear and tear. Repairing leaks or curling shingles isn’t always enough. It will require replacement sooner rather than later.

But don’t worry, this isn’t a job that requires the services of a professional. You can do it yourself if you follow a few simple steps:

  • Start by removing the old shingles, taking care not to damage the roof decking in the process.
  • Next, install the new shingles, making sure to stagger them, so they overlap properly.
  • Finally, seal the seams and edges with roofing tar or cement to keep water from seeping in.

If you’re not comfortable doing it yourself or have too many repairs that need your attention, you can always hire a professional. Make sure to get several estimates ahead of time, so you know exactly what you’re getting into.

3. Replace Worn Out Windows with Energy Efficient Ones

5 Home Improvements That Add Long Term Value You Should Do Today - Newslibre
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When your home’s old, drafty windows are letting all the warm air out, it’s time to replace them with energy-efficient ones. Upgrading your window system will help you keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It also keeps you more comfortable inside by preventing drafts and reducing outside noise.

If you choose double-pane glass, install it carefully because it is extremely fragile, and you cannot repair it once broken. And, if you have single-paned windows, consider upgrading to triple-paned windows for even more insulation.

4. Add Insulation to Your Attic and Walls

Insulation is essential for keeping your home comfortable all year. It not only helps to regulate the temperature, but it also blocks out noise and keeps pests like mice and rats out.

There are various types of insulation available, so you can select the one that best meets your requirements. Foam insulation is a good choice for attics, whereas fibreglass or cellulose insulation is better for walls. To prevent leakage, seal all seams and edges with caulk or expanding foam.

5. Fiber Cement Siding

Installing fibre cement siding is a great way to improve the appearance of your home while also adding some extra insulation. This material is made from wood fibres, Portland cement, and sand, making it strong and long-lasting. It is available in various colours and styles, allowing you to find one that will complement your home.

Furthermore, because it is non-combustible, it is ideal for homes in wildfire-prone areas. If you’re thinking about installing fibre cement siding, make sure to hire a professional because it’s a difficult job that necessitates the use of specialized tools.

Bottom Line

As you can see, making home improvements is a sure way to increase the value of your property. And, if done correctly, upgrading your home’s exterior and interior will serve multiple functions. Not only will it make your house look better and more inviting, but it can also help with insulation and energy efficiency. These are just a few of the ways to add long-term value to your home.

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