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These Are The Worst Pests to Ever Have In Your Home

While most people would hope their homes would be free of pest infestations, that is often not the case. While you can deal with certain pests on your own, others deserve more serious attention and may require the direct intervention of exterminators. Below are a few different kinds of pests where that is absolutely the case.

1. Bed Bugs

Another nasty pest you don’t want in your home at any point is the bed bug. Bed bugs are tiny bugs that feed on the blood of living creatures. If you have an infestation, you may discover bites throughout your body that may appear as a rash or more pronounced blisters. They can even cause more dangerous reactions in people that have allergies to bed bugs and can even produce adverse psychological reactions in certain people.

Bed bug infestations can appear in things like beds, other furniture, clothing, and luggage. Due to how tiny bed bug eggs are, they may be hard to detect at first. Bed bug infestations are one reason you should avoid buying such items used. If you detect them, you probably have to throw out the affected items and call an exterminator.

2. Ants

An infestation of ants can be very hard to get rid of once they make their way into your home. You may suddenly see them crawling everywhere. Certain kinds of ants are also more dangerous than others.

Carpenter ants, for example, are one of the worst varieties. They are much larger than other ants, eat through wood, and can cause burning pain after they bite you. They are an extreme nuisance that should be removed immediately by exterminators.

3. Rodents

Often one of the more terrifying pests to find in your house, rodents of all shapes and sizes can become a serious problem if allowed to make a home inside your house. Some of the more common signs of rodents include finding droppings, signs of chewing through the packaging of your food, holes chewed through walls and floors that could create entrances for them to come and go, and nesting material such as shredded paper or fabric. You might also hear scratching sounds in your walls, floors, or ceilings as they move around.

There, of course, can be other nasty pests that may try to infiltrate your home like cockroaches, spiders, and more. However, three of the worst are certainly rodents, ants, and bed bugs. If you detect these pests inside your home, call an exterminator immediately. The longer they’re allowed to infest the home the harder it will be to get them out.


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