The Cliche of Knights and Shining armor 1

The Cliche of Knights and Shining armor

Very often as you manage to talk to one or two ladies seeking for love, you will hear them say, “I want to get me a Knight in shining armor”

Well because of curiosity, I managed to have a chat with this one very wonderful lady who was willing to share some insights with me!

The Cliche of Knights and Shining armor 2
A lady feeling safe in the hands of her knight

According to Penny, most ladies want to get themselves that man who will protect and honor them, be the warmth in their lives, shine a light into their darkness and a man who will be there to help them face their evils.

The Cliche of Knights and Shining armor 3
A very shiny armor this knight has got

The Knight in British history was a soldier of the royal guard who was selected and chosen for his mercurial strength and fighting skills. Many a times these Knights were proven soldiers of the wars and battles.

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The armor on the other hand, is protective gear that the soldiers and knights wore whilst going to war in ancient history and these guys came back with some pretty scratched armors.

Why the history, well I just wanted to have a basis for my counter on some of the things that women look out for in said topic.

I completely agree with the ladies when they say that they need knights in their lives and if I might add, these knights should be able to throw themselves at every bullet to protect their ladies.

Some ladies want knights but when the men start to throw jabs at those that would have caused embarrassment to them, they start wailing that the men are making them look bad in front of friends and that it’s a shaming. What do you guys really want? Kidding

The Cliche of Knights and Shining armor 4
With the right knight, every girl feel safe!

But for me the part that really irks me is the one of the armor, I mean I get the Knight, but a shining armor? What are you gunning for, a toddler?

Knights with shining armors haven’t smelt the war, they haven’t fought the battles and so when it comes to protection, they could just look on like rabbits.

I guess what am trying to say is that the shining armor is becoming more of a cliché and ladies should look for scratched armors, I however, don’t mean to say you go look for bad boys.

Join the discussion to find out who the Knights with scratched armors are!


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