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These Facts About Flowers Will Shock You

Beauty and enticing scents of flowers can brighten up any day and make a statement wherever they are displayed. Flower gifting has been a tradition since the beginning of time.

People exchange flowers on several occasions and festivities, whether it is a birthday, wedding, anniversary or any special day; flowers play an essential role. They are also used for visual arrangements at parties, festivals and religious offerings. Now you can send flowers to Hyderabad or anywhere from any reputed online gifting portal.

Flower gifting has been an important aspect of festivities and celebrations. A bouquet of flowers is itself enough to express all your heartfelt emotions. When we think about gifting a flower bouquet first thing which comes to your mind is, which type of flowers should be given?

So, first, we need to understand that a bouquet usually comprises four types of flowers which are Focal flowers, Filler flowers, Greenery and Line flowers. For your better understanding, we have defined them briefly.


Focal flowers are considered as the most important component in any bouquet or arrangement of flowers. These are also called the focal point of an arrangement and tend to be larger in size. Multiple focal can be used in a bouquet to add a different shade and texture. For instance, mixed roses with gerbera daisies can be mixed together to give a whimsical and romantic feel. Focal flowers include;

Must Know Trivia about Flower Bouquets and Arrangements - Newslibre
Focal flowers are considered as the most important component in any bouquet or arrangement. – Newslibre

Roses- Roses are considered the flowers of love, respect, passion and energy. These are available in different exotic colours like white, yellow, orange, light pink, dark pink, red, lavender and coral.

Lilies- Lilies are amongst the most loved flowers and stand for purity, devotion and prosperity. These are commonly available in red, white, pink, yellow, oriental and orange. Lillie fragrant is magical and it is often used in perfumes. These can be gifted in various occasions and to any group of people.

Carnations- Carnations hold strong significance to express unconditional love and admiration. They also symbolize fascination and good luck. Carnations are available in different colours like light red, dark red, white, pink, yellow, and purple and each colour has its own significance. These can be paired with any other focal flower and are suitable for almost all occasions.

Peonies- These rounded, lush blooms are embodying romance and prosperity and are regarded as an omen of good fortune and happy marriage. These are available in pink, red, yellow, white and gold colours. Suitable for all occasions.

Football mums- Football mum is a type of chrysanthemum and the blooms are fluffy. These are wonderful all on their own but pairing them nicely in a bouquet with other accent blooms enhances their beauty. These are available in white and yellow.

Dahlias- These are available in vibrant tones to soft and romantic and even rich, dark shades.

Orchids- these are amongst the most beautiful and expensive and when coupled with other flowers creates a stunning arrangement. Available all around the year and in purple, red, pink, orange, red, tallow, and green.


As the name suggests these flowers are used to fill your bouquet to make it lush and full. They feature stems with clusters of flowers or multiple blooms. Fillers flowers generally includes wax flower, baby breath, hypericum berries, spray roses and solidago.


Greens provide the finishing touch to the bouquet or a flower arrangement. Greens not only give proper look by enhancing the beauty of the bouquet but also provide basic structural support to it.  Greenery generally comprises of tree fern, salal, lily grass, leather leaf and seeded eucalyptus.


Must Know Trivia about Flower Bouquets and Arrangements - Newslibre
Line flowers. – Newslibre

Line flowers define the shape, height, and width thus providing a symmetrical structure to the bouquet. These are tall flowers with multiple blooms. Includes stock, larkspur, bells of Ireland, snapdragons and orchids.

With the above-mentioned guidelines, you can select a wonderful bouquet for your beloved. You can select and customize mesmerizing flower arrangements and opt for online deliveries. Order and surprise your dear ones, they will surely appreciate this sweet gesture of yours.

Always make sure you buy these flowers from expert florists so that you can get great offerings delivered to the doorsteps of your beloved or use online delivery services. You can order and choose any delivery option and get it delivered as per the choice of your destination.



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