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Millennials Aren’t Tech Savvy, We Are Mostly Tech Dependent

While browsing through my timeline, I found this post by an Indian guy who was talking about how his Uber driver was a programmer who instead of doing active coding preferred to drive because it paid better. He then added that since he knows how to code, he understands how the Uber algorithm works and therefore gets more ride requests than other drivers in his area.

This story brought back memories of a debate about whether millennials are tech-savvy or tech-dependent. Long story short, is that the latter holds more truth. Many older people that face a challenge with a piece of tech will ask a much younger person for help in solving the problem.

You can see the amazement on their faces when the challenge is solved in seconds. It is instances like this that have made the much older generation to label the younger folk as tech-savvy yet in reality, we are just more tech-dependent. I say we because I am part of the millennials.

The difference between being tech-savvy and tech-dependent is your depth of knowledge of how technology works. Ask any person how they use technology during their day, it will most probably be along the lines of using this app to do this and using that program to do that.

You’re either tech-savvy or tech-dependent and probably a bit of both

The technology we use on a daily basis, we use on the surface to make our lives better. This is the simplified, user-friendly and better-looking version because not everyone is a geek. So, when it comes to the point of being tech-savvy, that story about the Uber driver describes it just right.

He does not just use the technology on the surface, but he understands the inner workings well enough to use it to his advantage over the competition. That Uber driver is tech-savvy and so is anyone that is like him. Knowing how the tech works and using it to their advantage.

Anything less than that would describe a person that is tech-dependent. So, which one are you?


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