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How to Sense a Break Up a Mile Away

Sensing that your partner wants to ditch/break up with you doesn’t need rocket science. Sometimes everything is as clear as it can get. Breaking something you have built over time can be very hard but, this never comes unexpectedly if you choose to look beyond what you see.

Do not overlook the small things they do now, that they weren’t doing before. You could be ignoring the major signs. Here are some of the hints  that will help you sense a break up a mile away;

How to tell that your partner is about to break up with you

1. Frequent fights.

If you fight over any and every small thing that comes up, you need to grow antennas and sharpen your feelers. Fighting is normal and healthy in a relationship (not physical blows) but too much of it is reason enough for you to worry.

Sometimes your girl/boyfriend will always bring up fights, turn small mistakes into big deals so that they get the avenue to say “we are done.” If you fight over useless things, this shouldn’t be ignored.

2. They don’t say, “I love you” a lot anymore.

The subtlety in this is as the crow flies as it can get. This is how people fall out of love. Dating overly honest people is important. He/she will not say they love you when they do not feel like it anymore. The pretence is far away from them. Widen your nostrils. You should be able to smell a break up when this is happening.

3. His friends aren’t that welcoming any more.

This is a very clear sign that you are getting dumped anytime soon. Most guys share their distractions and pains with their close buddies. The crew will probably know when he is going to buy you underwear before you do.

Guys, unlike babes, won’t easily pretend about such stuff so if his friends are being shady and throwing tons of attitude towards you, you just got dumped! High alert.

4. No longer reaches out.

Have you ever felt like you are ‘tying’ on someone? Well, it should never get to this when you are dating. Sometimes we need space, yes it’s very much needed to clear heads and all but if after this space, they do not want to know much about you, no longer call, visit, text like before, it’s clear enough they are falling out. It’s enough to sense a break-up.

5. We need to talk but they never say a word.

This is one of the scariest statements for anyone in a relationship. Beware of a partner that brings it up all the time for no clear reason. It’s a sign you should begin packing your bags at this moment.

It could be an innocent one to iron out a few errors here and there but it’s usually said when one’s mind is baffled and they need clarity on where they stand or when they need to bid you goodbye.

So, do you know any other signs one can use to tell when a break up is about to happen? Go ahead and share your opinions by hitting that comment button!


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